5 foreign actresses who have succeeded in Mexican soap operas


Something that distinguishes Mexico is its enriching culture, since it has many throughout the states that make up this beautiful country, its delicious gastronomy, its interesting history, background, language, customs, all that is what characterizes this country. and gives it its personality, however, there is another factor that is also very iconic.

And they are the Mexican soap operas, at least we have all seen a little about some of them, since the fans who consume this content are our mothers, grandmothers, aunts who came the hour of the soap opera and disconnected from the world to immerse themselves in the dramatic stories in which these interesting projects unfold.

However, not all the protagonists or actresses who have succeeded in the TV Mexican actresses are necessarily born within Mexican territory, that is why today we bring you an interesting top 5 of foreign actresses who have come here to succeed and have been well received by the public.

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5 foreign actresses who have succeeded in Mexican soap operas, photo: instagram


Angelique Boyer

the ruthless Teresathe main character of the soap opera released in 2010, was brought to life by the beautiful French actress Angelique Boyerthis beautiful woman was born in Saint-Claude, Jura, on July 4, 1988, she has done several projects for the small screen such as “abyss of passion“, “What life stole from me“, “Three times Ana” among many others.

She currently resides in Mexico City with her husband, the Argentine Sebastian Rulliwho have captivated the internet with a beautiful relationship.


Livia Brito

the charismatic Livia Brito He has captivated the hearts of many Mexicans with his projects, among the most successful are “That I love you, I love you”, “Italian girl comes to get married”, “The pilot”, “Doctors, line of life”.

She was born on July 21, 1986, in Havana, Cuba, she is currently 36 years old and is working on the soap opera “Woman of Nobody” playing the role of Lucía Arizmendi.


Maribel Guardia

Do you even need an introduction Maribel Guardia? She was born on May 29, 1959, in San José, Costa Rica, she is currently 63 years old but it does not seem that the years have affected her beauty, since she looks radiant and more beautiful than ever.

She has participated in several telenovelas such as “Mission SOS adventure and love”, “To the devil with the handsome”, “Crown of tears”, she also participated as a host in “Muévete/Muévete ya”, “Desmadruga2”, “Sabadazo”.



The race of Belinda She began as an actress, however, today she has taken a small turn as she has focused more on singing, and has taken off a lot, being world-renowned, of Spanish origin.

Now, in Mexico, the beginnings of this beautiful 33-year-old woman were seen, participating in soap operas such as “Friends for ever”, “Accomplices to the rescue”, “Chameleons”, “Ugly Duckling”.


Ludwika Palette

Since she was a child, Ludwika Palette She has participated in several projects for the small screen in Mexico, this actress was born in Krakow, Poland, she is 43 years old.

Blonde, pretty and very talented, she made an appearance by being in “Carrusel”, “María la del barrio”, “Niña amada mía”, “Los successful Pérez”, “Abyss of passion”, among many others, her most popular Mexican telenovela. recent was “Mother there are only two” in 2021.

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5 foreign actresses who have succeeded in Mexican soap operas

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