5 Times The World Was Too Cruel To Taylor Swift And Now It Deserves A Resurgence

Fans have completely gone berserk with the re-recording and re-release of Red, the fourth studio album by Taylor Swift. And it is that the singer showed that although they are the same lyrics, now they have acquired a new meaning.

Just think of the unreleased ten minute version of All Too Well, in which he makes a clear nod to how toxic his fleeting relationship with the actor was Jake Gyllenhaal.

The lyrics are full of nostalgia for what was that stage of Swift in love but also of anguish and pain for what the break meant.

We have always seen Taylor as an admirable and fierce woman, but the criticism and attacks she experienced forced her to become even stronger.

Here are some of the moments the world was too cruel to Taylor Swift and how she managed to resurface.

It was designated as a devours men

Taylor was very young when he rose to the top of the music industry yet everyone seemed to lose sight of his talent when he started dating the hottest men of the 2000s. Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Lucas Till and Harry Styles are some of the men she went out with.

However, as is often the case with women, the singer was highly criticized, they called her devours men and easy, in addition to being accused on several occasions for take away the boyfriend to other artists of the time with whom he supposedly had rivalries.

What does it matter how many guys she’s dated? If he were a man, he would be applauded and listed as a sought-after heartthrob.

Also, no one ever questioned why older men were after her

It may seem like an exaggerated point but Taylor was in her 20s when men ten years her senior like Tom Hiddleston, John Mayer y Jake Gyllenhaal they became interested in her and even got into a relationship.

While she continued to be criticized for adding men to the list, everyone normalized those relationships. It is now with All Too Good We understand that the approach to Gyllenghaal affected her in an important way because he only played with her.

They made her the rival of other women

The media took it upon themselves to put Taylor as the number one enemy of the music industry. Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Demi Lovato were some of the women the singer had problems with, many of which were fueled by the tabloids.

In addition, the shadow of a supposed manual to belong to her friendship circle caused her to be hated. Swift admitted that her childhood experiences with bullying and loneliness may have influenced the way she presented those friendships.

They criticized his physique when he was actually going through an eating disorder

In the Taylor Swift documentary, Miss Americana, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020, made a compilation of disparaging comments about her. It is too thin. It bothers me it was a repetitive phrase. It is then that the interpreter reveals that she struggled for many years with eating disorders. .

“I didn’t know if I was going to feel comfortable talking about body image and talking about the things I’ve been through in terms of how unhealthy it has been for me, my relationship with food and all of that over the years. ”, He said in an interview with Variety. As she revealed, the distortion she had regarding her image began after a magazine questioned her if she was pregnant. Taylor was 18 years old and had a completely normal tummy with which they assumed that.

The Kanye West Disruption

In 2009, Taylor was 19 years old when she took the podium to receive the award for Best Female Video for success. You Belong with Me. But Kanye West jumped on stage and took the microphone to interrupt the speech. He said that Beyonce had had one of the best videos of all time and repeated her phrase for more impact, humiliating Taylor. During all that time, she looked quite sad, while Beyoncé looked terrified not knowing what to do.

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5 Times The World Was Too Cruel To Taylor Swift And Now It Deserves A Resurgence