6 famous Latinos who support their LGBT+ relatives: their love is proof of prejudice

“Souls we are and souls we love. That today I found a soul just like mine and yes, this exists. We are and we come from the same. (…) It was my first pride and I celebrated to the fullest. I love all my friends, ”the young woman wrote on her social profile.

“The truth is that my daughter Camila and my daughter Roberta, Fernanda and I have always taught them to be happy, free, open. The family has always had great communication, but I have been speaking since I was little (…) Camila has always wanted to live her life as she wanted, no matter what we parents think, ”said Araiza.

On his Instagram account, Raúl Araiza frequently shares photos with Camila and expresses his love for her. For example, on January 20, 2022, he presumed a trip with her offspring and in the post he wrote: “Travel with who you love… The treasures of life.”

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Throughout his career, the Argentine actor has become known for projects such as ‘Sueños y caramels’ and ‘El privilege de amar’. But beyond the artistic environment, Strickler has an important facet: being a father and showing his unconditional support to his children.

In July 2022, the artist was happy for his son Yannick’s wedding with Manuel Alonso Cárdenas and assured that it was “a memorable day”.

“(…) Today we legally grow and love grows. Many blessings and congratulations always children”, was the beautiful message that the actor shared on networks.

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This is not the first time that the interpreter has spoken about his offspring’s relationship, because in an interview for ‘Ventaneando’ on February 11, 2022, he assured that he is very happy with his son-in-law.

“I adore him, I go to see them, not as often as I would like, but I stay with them at their house and they have been together for many years, I adore him, his family, he has a spectacular family,” he said.

One of the most famous pairs of brothers in the world of music is made up of Jesse and Joy, who with songs like ‘Espacio Sideral’, ‘Dueles’ and ‘Corre’ have won the affection of their followers.

Despite their popularity, the singers remain very secretive about their private lives, however, on April 16, 2019, Joy opened up about her preferences on Instagram and revealed that she would become a mother with her wife.

“Leaving fear and what they will say aside, I opened my arms completely to my happiness. Today my wife and I are expecting our first baby, a beautiful girl who, thank God, is full of health and life,” was part of the description that accompanied the publication.

“Love breaks all schemes, love breaks all stereotypes,” Jesse assured in a chat with ‘Ventaneando’ on June 16, 2020.

If something characterizes the interpreter of ‘Celoso’, it is the sincerity with which she addresses her fans. Proof of the above is that on June 12, 2022, she shared with her more than 40 million followers that her father is gay and she is “more than grateful to be her daughter.”

In her Instagram post, the young singer received hundreds of affectionate comments in which Internet users highlighted that their link “is precious.”

In addition, Chayanne’s niece admitted in a chat with ‘Ventaneando’ on May 19, 2020 that when she discovered her father’s orientation “it was a shock”; however, that didn’t stop him from giving her unconditional love.

“I love my dad much more and he is my best friend, really and it is something that I applaud and it is something that I will always support.”

After her baby, Tessa Ía, received criticism for sharing a photo on Instagram in which she appears kissing another woman; the legendary soap opera villain did not hesitate to defend her in a talk with Mara Patricia Castañeda in September 2021.

“Totally ad hoc to the Norvinds. Bisexuality has been in our family since, I don’t know if my grandmother, “considered the star.

Bono has a long career in film, theater and television and on more than one occasion has confessed how important the happiness of his children is to him; This is due to the negative comments that Leonardo (who is an artist like his father) received after speaking openly about his homosexuality in 2016.

Two years later, in 2018, César gave an interview to Univision Entertainment and although he admitted that he thinks private life should not be exposed, he supports Leon’s decisions (as his fans call him).

“I support him, I love him and I recognize that he fights for his happiness (…) you always have to be there so that they have a good woman or a good man.”

Tell us, did you know the unconditional love that these celebrities offer their LGBTQ+ relatives? What do you think of these stories?

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6 famous Latinos who support their LGBT+ relatives: their love is proof of prejudice

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