7 reasons why Kengo Kuma is the most influential architect in the world

Natural materials are key pieces for Kuma’s works.

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Materials as the centerpiece

Another factor that stands out in the architecture of Kuma It is the innovative use of common materials that take on a special and unique meaning when used in his works. Natural and organic materials such as wood, metal and stone play an important role in each of the works of this architect thanks to the meaning that Kuma gives them.

Crafts as a priority

Each architect and designer stands out for his personal style and in the case of Kengo Kuma, the works stand out from the rest thanks to his love for the architect’s craftsmanship. Kengo Kuma’s craftsmanship has been the main factor for each of his works as they show the love and dedication that he invests in each of his works. The China Academy of Arts Museum of Folk Art and Kanayama Community Center are some of Kuma’s projects that stand out thanks to the detail and innovation of the Japanese architect.

Kengo Kuma stands out for paying special attention to the context of his works.

Japan House Sao Paulo

Always focused on the individual context

Although materials and craftsmanship are the most important to Kengo Kuma, the architect stands out for pay special attention to the context of each of his works, making sure that each material you choose has a special meaning for the work and for the place, which helps you connect with the context and highlight the craftsmanship of each project by highlighting the environment and creating unique and special works for each place.

Thinking of time more than space

Everyone changed with the COVID-19 health crisis as it affected all aspects of common life. As it was expected architecture and design were also affected by the pandemic And as time progresses, many architects have considered the possibilities of changing the way they work to fit in with this new world. One of these architects is Kuma, since he has commented on many occasions that he considers that, the design of time becomes more important than the design of space. Since you only thought about space, but there was no perspective on how to spend your time. This new way of thinking and designing has taken Kuma to the top in the world of design.

Kengo Kuma managed to be the most influential architect of 2021.

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An architect with authenticity

Although the use of common materials and Kuma’s design style are the factors that have led him to be the most influential architect of 2021They have also been factors that have delayed the architect or that have caused obstacles in his work. Nevertheless; Kuma hasn’t let this get between his vision and the authenticity of his work. so being named to the list represents a growing appreciation of the architect’s work and craftsmanship.

Thanks to these reasons, Kuma was the only architect to appear on the Times magazine’s annual list, which makes him the most influential architect in the world and we are sure that for Kuma this is just one more step to continue growing and surprising us in the world of design, crafts and architecture.

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7 reasons why Kengo Kuma is the most influential architect in the world