A figure of envy, this is the key diet of La Madrastra to achieve it

At 46 years old, the actress Mexican continues to captivate several hearts with the spectacular figure that she has shown in her recent return to television, one of the keys to Aracely Arambula It is in the diet and today we tell you what the diet of the “Chihuahuense” is.

Although it is true, many famous people resort to the scalpel to achieve a desired and curvaceous figure, other factors also influence a lot to achieve it, “the chule” I would confess one of the keys that have become part of his daily routine to achieve this goal.

As can be seen in this video, it is evident the care that Aracely Arambula He has dedicated himself to taking care of his figure, so now the fruits are reflected in his recent return to the Televisa house.

It is a fact that at her age and mother of two children, Aracely Arambula She is more beautiful than ever and has one of the most enviable figures of the show, one of the keys is in food and water consumption.

It would be the interpreter of “Marcia Cisneros”, her current character in “The stepmother“, who would uncover one of his main allies in this battle to keep his figure at bay, although in turn, he accepted “it has not been an easy task”.

It hasn’t been easy, but I take care of myself, I take care of my diet and I try to exercise; but hey, eating healthy” mentioned the “green-eyed”.

The one remembered in past Televisa productions as “dreamers” (1998-1999), would share that another of his best allies in this process is the consumption of two liters of water a day.

Added to this, the “Luis Miguel’s ex“He also consumes some shakes, vitamins, etc., which he carries with him so as not to spend several hours on an empty stomach, or before starting his exercise routines, as shown by the instagram celebrity in some publications that he shares with his community of 6.3 million fans: “La Arafamilia”

Aracely Arámbula Jaques also confessed that it has also been thanks to the “Yes You Can!” diet, designed by Alejandro Chabán, which has led the protagonist of “La Doña” (2016-2020) to conquer several hearts.

It would be the same singer and interpreter of “Bad news“, who would share more details about the foods she consumes to achieve an envy figure, so you should not make them on deaf ears.

Also an actress in the play, “Why do men love bitches?” recommends including plenty of vegetables, grilled food, and two liters of water.

She also showed examples of what she can eat on a normal day, such as a plate with steamed broccoli and roast chicken.

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In addition, Aracely Arámbula Jaques also highlights the importance of consuming seeds, nuts and low-sugar fruits, green leaves and fish, in her case, the MasterChef Latino host eats every three hours and avoids foods such as sugar, whole milk and milk. processed food.

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A figure of envy, this is the key diet of La Madrastra to achieve it

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