Adamari López, Jacky Bracamontes and Chiquinquirá Delgado are among the 10 most influential personalities on Hispanic TV

In addition to television, some celebrities have made their way with other types of content, far from the editorial guidelines of television networks on social networks. Many fans look forward to each post day by day to find out what their favorite rock stars are up to. Hispanic TV. Some of them are: Adamari Lopez, Jacky Bracamontes Y Chiquinquira Delgadowho lead the list of the 10 most influential personalities and with more followers on social networks.

The influencer marketing agency SocialPubli, conducted an analysis of the profiles of the most followed Hispanic TV personalities on social networks. The ranking of the 10 most influential Hispanic TV personalities in social networks is led by Adamari Lopezmorning show host Today of the chain Telemundo, who has more than 18 million followers on his social networks. In second and third place are Jacky Bracamonteswho has also
served as host of the Telemundo network for “miss Universe 2021″ and This is how you dance with more than 15 million followers, and Chiquinquira Delgadowho serves as presenter of “Look who is dancing” in TelevisaUnivision and has more than 9 million followers on Instagram.

“These large audiences show the great power of social media today and demonstrate that the influence of these Hispanic TV figures crosses the small screen. Social networks are a meeting place for fans of these personalities, where they can not only see more content from their favorite stars but also interact with them directly. Furthermore, for many of these personalities in the ranking, social networks They are not only a source of advertising and promotion, but they also represent an additional and very lucrative source of income. we know of
personalities who charge five and six figures for campaigns,” comments Ismael El-QudsiCEO of SocialPubli.

The rest of the ranking of the 10 most influential personalities on Hispanic TV it’s made of: Alexandra Espinozahost of the TelevisaUnivision network for “Lo Nuestro Awards“, “Our Latin Beauty” Y “Youth Awards” – 9,298,963 followers on Instagram. followed by Jorge RamosHost of “Al Punto” and “Univision News“, as well as “Real América con Jorge Ramos” and has 7,300,478 followers on the same social network. Followed by the spoiled “Flaca” Lili Estefanpresenter of the entertainment program “The fat and the skinny” by TelevisaUnivision with 7,278,937 followers.

But the account continues and below but no less important is Francesca Lachapelhost of the morning showWake up America” from the TelevisaUnivision network with 5,811,421 followers. Mr. Franciscolegendary presenter of “Giant Saturday” and host today of “Don Francisco: Reflections” by CNN in Spanish with 5,717,784 followers on Instagram. follows him Raul de Molinahost of the entertainment program “El Gordo y la Flaca” on TelevisaUnivision with 4,923,814 followers and last and number 10, Jomari Goysohost of the morning show “Despierta América” on the TelevisaUnivision network and a fashionista with 4,515,384 followers.

“Each network is known for something in particular and depending on what each personality does, they have more influence on one network or another. Twitter, known for being the favorite network of journalists, for example, is where Jorge Ramos has more reach while in networks with a more lifestyle focus we see that celebrities such as Adamari Lopez Y Jacky Bracamontes they are having a lot of success,” adds El-Qudsi. During the pandemic the use of social networks skyrocketed, led in large part by the boom in tiktok, where many celebrities have been migrating and have worked to grow their profiles. It is estimated that TikTok currently has around 1,000 million users each month, which has catapulted it to be the fastest growing social network in the world and the most coveted by celebrities looking to connect with new audiences.

“Between the Hispanic TV personalities in the United States, Adamari It is the undisputed queen of social networks and TikTok is the social network where it is standing out the most at the moment. She has been able to use the networks very well to maintain continuous communication with her fans and she is close, which undoubtedly connects and makes her look more human and natural, ”says El-Qudsi. Social networks have allowed television personalities explore new formats and present themselves in a different way than the traditional role they have on the small screen. In the Hispanic community, networks have become a regular meeting place. This is confirmed by recent data indicating that Hispanics lead the consumption in the US of social networks on smartphones, with an average of 279 minutes per week.

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Adamari López, Jacky Bracamontes and Chiquinquirá Delgado are among the 10 most influential personalities on Hispanic TV

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