After Erika Buenfil’s confession, Ernesto Zedillo Jr.’s wife reacts.

after confession of Erika Buenfilreaction to wife of Ernesto Zedillo Jr. The famous soap opera star was surprised to reveal that after 17 years, the father of her son finally sought him out to meet him and congratulate him on his birthday.

For years, the charismatic actress has made it clear that she has faced motherhood alone. For this reason, she was surprised that her son recently Nicholas Buenfil Lopez contacted her to inform her that her father Ernesto Zedillo Jr., son of the former president of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de León, had contacted him because he wanted to meet him.

This meeting took place at the house of the soap opera artist, although she was not present. However, after revealing this controversial news, she reacted Rebecca Saenzwife of Zedillo Jr.

It was through his personal Instagram account where he curiously published some photographs next to his daughtersdespite the fact that she is used to keeping a low profile and does not usually share images of them.

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However, after the revelation of Erika Buenfil, the journalist from Culiacán, Sinaloa surprised by publishing Photographs unpublished of Isabel and Victoria, fruit of the love of Ernesto Zedillo Jr.

The half sisters by Nicolás Buenfil they appear posing in one of the images, while in another Rebeca Sáenz appears with each one of them. Some netizens considered that in this way the journalist makes it clear that her family is more united than ever, despite the scandals.

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Although Nicolás Buenfil does follow his half-sisters on social networks, it is unknown if they maintain communication, although everything suggests that this is not the case. Even Erika Buenfil clarified that 17 years after father and son metThey do not have a close relationship.

Rebeca Sáenz married the son of the former president of Mexico in 2005, a month before the birth of Erika Buenfil’s firstborn, while the presenter was already three months old pregnancy of his first daughter.

The actress was criticized for maintaining an affair with a married manbut she defended herself and said she didn’t know: “I was at home eight months pregnant, already fat, and then I heard, it was January and I remember I heard a lot of scandal… I hear them say: ‘don’t show it to them , don’t tell her anything, don’t show it to her’… The wedding and everything had appeared on the cover of a magazine… ‘It feels horrible’.

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After Erika Buenfil’s confession, Ernesto Zedillo Jr.’s wife reacts.

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