Alicia Machado sings them to Niurka Marcos in La Casa de Los Famosos 2: “She has to lower two lines…”

Alicia Machado, former Miss Universe.

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The Venezuelan Alicia Machado is one of the people who has all the power to talk about what happens inside The House of the Famous 2. So he gave his honest opinion and even dared to sing them to Niurka Marcoswho is one of the favorites and strongest participant of the Telemundo reality show. The former Miss Universe assured that the cuban star you need to tone down your behavior.

The Venezuelan Alicia Machado He was forceful with his message to Niurka Marcos: “I think that Niurka has to lower two lines to your position. what does she care if Laura ask the lord for a favor Osvaldo to heat your coffee… What’s the problem. I don’t see Mrs. Laura looking for occasions to be in conflict with Niurka. Apart from the fact that there is something that personally bothers me a lot and, since I’m live, I’m going to say it. There is nothing more terrible than threatening me with your religion. Santeros are beautiful people and Santeria is a very sacred and very important religion. But we must respect the religion of home who. Do not threaten me with your saints and that seems to me to be out of place … ”, she said when she went as always as a special guest to some of the galas of The House of the Famous 2.

On the other hand, another one who also sent a message to Niurka Marcos it was the mexican actress Cynthia Klitbo. Upon learning and seeing that the Mexican vedette and her ex John Vidal have an affair in reality Telemundo show, sent him a warning: “Don’t go with the feint… He’s already lowering the creams, he’s already asking for food… Comadrita, take care of yourself.”

In addition, the ex of the also member of The House of the Famous 2 She said that the gallant owed her money and that he had a strong character problem. “In the case of John Vidal we ended up because he has a very big anger problem… He has anger every day… He is a person who is always in a bad mood… Today I am dealing with his girl about some money I lent him… And now I have to argue with his girl because he doesn’t want to pay me in dollars…”, he assured Cynthia Klitbo.

Everything indicates that Niurka Marcos She is in the eye of the hurricane on several fronts inside and outside of La Casa de los Famosos 2. We will have to see what happens, especially with the romance between her and the Dominican.

For her part, Alicia Machado does not stop working and recently announced that she has a project with nothing more and more than nothing less than Patty Manterola and Itatí Cantoral. So it is not surprising that, whatever they are going to undertake, it is a guaranteed success because the three are talented, successful and above all very funny.

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Alicia Machado sings them to Niurka Marcos in La Casa de Los Famosos 2: “She has to lower two lines…”

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