Amber Heard reacts to audio where Johnny Depp says he hates her

Recently, the reaction of Amber Heard in full judgment when listening to an audio where johnny depp He says that he hates her, as many have quite a lot of negative feelings towards her.

It should be noted that in court the sad relationship that the actors maintained for four years of relationship and the recordings presented are shocking.

The trial that Johnny Depp began against his ex-partner Amber Heard, keeps the entertainment world in suspense.

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The protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean denounced who was her partner for four years, after she made statements in 2018 about her suffering from domestic abuse.

Since then, there has been no shortage of cross-declarations in the media and since April 11 they have been doing so in court.

Audios, videos and memories are exposed before the lawyers, and all of this is disseminated in the media.

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This is how now, the defense of the actress presented a series of recordings in which the actor expresses the feelings of hatred he had towards her.

You are a p… and I hate you and I want to finish”, Johnny Depp is heard saying in a voice message he sent to Amber Heard, in the middle of one of their fights.

Hearing him in court, Heard made a disgusted face that was caught on camera, according to the Independent.

It is worth mentioning that the recording today is part of his defense that, in the event of losing the trial, he must pay a sum of 50 million dollars for “damage caused to his image.”

However, if he wins, he will get double the money, since he made a counterclaim.

Violence is the protagonist of each test and story that the protagonists build before the Justice about their romance that ended in 2016 and the witnesses of both parties guarantee this.

However, in the last days of the trial, the files have great weight and it is that the actress knew how to keep a record that today plays a very important role when describing what her days were like next to Depp.

I get irrational when you’re making movies, I get jealous and fucking crazy and weird and we fight a lot more ”, the actor is heard saying in other of the many audios that were presented at the trial.

Unfortunately, the legal battle does not have calm moments and the crossfire is at all times, while the ex-partner looks at each other face to face.

Before hearing his own words, Depp declared the violent situations of which he was a victim.

One of them dates back to 2015, when he was about to lose a finger and according to his story, Amber threw two glass bottles at him, which caused him a serious injury and he had to undergo reconstruction surgery.

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Amber Heard reacts to audio where Johnny Depp says he hates her

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