Amber Heard: What would happen if the actress loses the trial against Johnny Depp?

Let us remember that at this moment the judgment Come in Johnny Depp & Amber Heardthe actor accused his ex wife for having published an article in an important newspaper in the United States, just after they divorced, there she told her story of @domestic abuse.

The famous would be asking his ex-partner for 50 million dollars in damages, remember that you have lost an innumerable number of roles, including projects that he himself led, such as Pirates of the Caribbean.

For her part, the interpreter of the mere princess responded with a counterclaim, assuring that Jhonny has started a campaign of defamation also against him, asking for 100 million dollars as compensation.

The two celebrities are facing each other before the Justice For the first time, let us remember that previously if there was another trial but the actor lost, he only came as a witness, all because a media British had described the actor as “@ggressor of women”.

That is why today we will address this interesting topic that would happen if Johnny Depp is guilty and loses, what should he assume in that possibility, there is even the possibility that neither of them receives any amount of money.

Johnny Depp / AFP

What would happen if Johnny Depp wins against Amber Heard?

According to the most popular American newspapers, this case is being treated very carefully and in case the jury benefits Amber Heard, she could take all the money she is asking for, apart from the cost this trial has had for her.

In the event that Johnny Depp would win, he would only have to pay the amount mentioned, the actress would not have any type of conviction or go to jail, since no criminal charges are being filed.

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Amber Heard: What would happen if the actress loses the trial against Johnny Depp?

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