Ana Pau and Ale Capetillo: the sensation sisters of the networks to whom glamor comes from inheritance

Ana Paula and Alejandra Capetillo Gaytán in one of their YouTube videos. (Photo capture)

They have been celebrities since they were born, practically, and although we saw them grow up in sporadic photos that appeared, for some time now, the two daughters of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo, Ana Pau and Ale, have become influencers thanks to a flourishing YouTube channel and its social media platforms. How is it that these two little girls (at least until relatively recently they were) became figures that influence the Internet and give so much to talk about?

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A few months ago Ana Paula and Alejandra decided to open a YouTube channel, which already has almost 150,000 subscribers and has continued to grow, making them a benchmark for girls in their age range, who have taken them as true gurus when it comes to style, fashion, makeup and care refers.

The idea arose after Ana Pau, the eldest, uploaded a series of stories to her Instagram account in which she showed her followers the way she puts on makeup every day. Without her imagining it, the videos were a viral success, so some fans suggested she open the channel that she now shares with her younger sister.

Although both are now in two different geographical points most of the time, the Capetillos have created a more intimate and personal space in which they share with their followers beauty routines, makeup tips, lifestyle, in addition to showing their hobbies, share cooking recipes (something that Biby does on her own channel in the company of her mother-in-law) and a few aspects of her private life (although they are very careful in this regard). In addition, they have revealed another facet of their parents, who do not hesitate to collaborate with them in this project and have also participated in several of their videos, with surprising results.

Ana Paula is the second daughter of the couple, she has just turned 25 and graduated with a degree in Communication, so she does not miss the opportunity to put her knowledge into practice and has interviewed her parents and other guests on more than one occasion specials.

It was in an interview with her that Eduardo spoke honestly about the problems that the couple went through more than 15 years ago due to the problems he had due to his addiction to alcohol, an issue that he overcame with the support of his family, especially of his wife (this video is one of the most viewed on his channel). He also inherited a taste for music and from time to time shares stories in which he shows off his vocal talent.

For her part, Alejandra was born in 1999 and she herself says that she is the “sandwich” sister, since she has two younger brothers (the twins Manuel and Daniel) and two older ones (Lalo and Ana Pau), which has led her to seek to develop her own personality and being an independent girl. She studied International Business, spends almost all her time in Madrid (on her father’s and grandmother’s side, they have dual nationality) and is an accomplished fashionista, constantly uploading outfit proposals to her social networks and giving advice to improve the look and outfits.

Both girls have gotten along very well and generated a following, although they are not only dedicated to talking about superficial topics. They have also addressed important issues such as racism, classism or aggression against the body of men and women, also known as ‘body shaming’.

Through her Instagram account, Ana Pau made it clear and declared that her account is a safe place for everyone and denounced the attacks generated by the situation through her stories and began to have the support of other users in the platform, who even communicated with her. On the other hand, she talked about people who attack other people online.

“If you are a person who thinks that freedom of expression includes bullying someone on social media, please unfollow me,” he said. Ale soon followed his example and published a similar story, talking about the importance of being tolerant and respectful of others, regardless of any social position or privilege.

Her daughters’ messages generated a message from her mother, who has always been proud of her children’s attitudes and values ​​— which she has instilled in them — and wrote to Ana Pau: “You are one of the most beautiful women, brightest, bravest, and most intelligent I’ve ever met. You’re smarter than you’re pretty, and look how pretty you are! God bless you always, dear daughter.”

Although until now none has properly ventured into the artistic medium (although Ana Pau has already recorded a participation in a series, but has been hermetic about it) and it is very likely that Ale will not do so (she prefers to work in the world of fashion behind the scenes ), the Capetillo-Gaytán sisters are very popular and their influence is undoubtedly felt.


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Ana Pau and Ale Capetillo: the sensation sisters of the networks to whom glamor comes from inheritance

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