Anastasia Kvitko shows off her micro waist in a blue dress

One of the goals that famous model of Russian origin Anastasia Kvitkocontinually manages to fulfill is to pamper his followers with his content, whether looking casual or elegant, like the photos he shared wearing a beautiful blue dress with which it highlights its beauties.

It was through his stories on Instagram that The Kim Kardashian He decided to accelerate the pulse of his followers, because the piece he is wearing, in addition to being extremely elegant, is also very flirty, something that his fans will surely agree with.

This is because the enormous charms of Anastasia Kvitko With a little difficult to hide, the same goes for the Mexican actress Salma Hayek and the British model Demi Rose, who have managed to wear elegant pieces despite their great curves.

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The 27-year-old model born in Kaliningrad, Russiahas been characterized by continually publishing content that alters the senses of her followers and that is that her curves are unmatched, despite the fact that on some occasions she has been compared to other Internet celebrities.

Kvitko like other beauties influencershas the advantage that several brands want to sponsor her due to the large number of followers who are aware of her publications, so we will often see her wearing clothes of all kinds, including trips to paradisiacal places.

The dress she wore on her trip to Italy was one piece, long and with narrow straps, which seemed to barely support the weight of her two superior beauties, one of her legs also became the protagonist of one of the two photos, as she peeked out through an opening in her dress.

The cut design of the dress curvy modelit is adjusted to her figure, but near her legs we could see a bit of looseness between the beautiful fabric, as footwear was made of a pair of basic bracelet slippers, the same ones that every woman should have in her closet.

As for her makeup and hairstyle, she wore her curls loose, but yes, well arranged and her face looked more angelic than ever, she did not detract from her dress since her makeup was something simple, Anastasia Kvitko it just looks beautiful and elegant.

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Anastasia Kvitko shows off her micro waist in a blue dress

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