Are Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco breaking up? They reveal that the princess is ‘not well’

charlene of monaco and the prince albert have been involved in multiple polemics for a few months now, since the princess left monaco to go to his native South Africa, he had some health problems that took her away from the principality for several months. Nevertheless, A source close to Prince Albert revealed that he is separated from Charlene de Monaco and that the princess “is not well”.

In accordance with oggian Italian media outlet, A friend of Prince Albert revealed more details about the 64-year-old prince’s relationship with 44-year-old CharleneWell, he even confessed that they are not going to divorce, despite the fact that they no longer live together.

What happened to Charlene from Monaco?

Some days ago Charlene de Monaco reappeared on social networks after being away from the principality to recover in a rehabilitation clinic from Switzerland after a diagnosis of emotional and physical exhaustion. This situation came after the princess of monaco spend a few months in South Africa, his native country and the place where contracted an infection that forced her to be hospitalized several times.

According to the Italian newspaper, Vera Dillier, a close friend of Prince Albert revealed that Charlene de Monaco “is not well”well it has depression. “Being a princess or queen is not fun, it is very hard work. That poor woman couldn’t stand the role of her anymore,” Dillier commented.

Charlene from Monaco was in South Africa for a few months. Photo: Archive

Are Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert separated?

Since the return of princess Charlene Monaco was made known by several international media that he would not live in the palace, but in a nearby area. As reported oggi, Charlene from Monaco lives at the Grimaldi estate on Mount Agela place close to the principality to be able to see their children frequently.

In addition, Vera Dillier confirmed that Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert are separated. “In the palace it is not a secret for anyone. There was never a close relationship or great love between them,” she commented.

Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert
A friend of Prince Albert confirmed that he is separated from Charlene de Monaco. Photo: Instagram @palaisprincierdemonaco

Why doesn’t Charlene of Monaco divorce Prince Albert?

Although it has been rumored that Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert They are close to signing the divorce, so far the spouses have appeared on social networks accompanied by their children as a large happy family. Nevertheless, Prince Albert’s friend revealed why the couple have not yet divorced despite living in different places.

At those levels you don’t get divorced. There are only a few exceptions, like Prince Charles with Diana. And if you look at recent photos of Charlene, it’s obvious that she’s not doing well.. So the prince puts at his disposal the residence of Mount Agel and the matter is closed for him, “revealed Vera Dillier.

charlene of monaco family
Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco have two children. Photo: Instagram @palaisprincierdemonaco

So far neither charlene of monaco neither him prince albert They have given more details about their relationship, however, a few days ago they shared some photos in which they appear together with their children. According to Vera Dillier, if the princes of Monaco divorced, the children would stay with Alberto, since there is a prenuptial agreement in which he states that if they legally separate, the prince will have guardianship of the little ones.

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Are Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco breaking up? They reveal that the princess is ‘not well’

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