Belinda: how much is the singer’s debt with the Mexican tax authorities

After his separation with Christian Nodal, Belinda continues to be a trend for the recovery of his artistic career and the controversies that have been generated around his personal life.

The interpreter of Beautiful betrayal is one of the celebrities who recently has faced problems with the Mexican tax authoritiesconflicts that Laura Bozzo and Gloria Trevi during 2021.

Currently, Belinda is involved in serious problems with the Mexican Tax Administration Service (SAT) due to to a tax debt that has been present for some years.

Belinda’s debt with the Mexican tax authorities was made public on December 27, 2021 and reaches the figure of 7 million 235 thousand pesos (approximately US$350 thousand).

According to some people close to the artist, Belinda’s tax problems were the main reason why she ended up separating from Christian Nodalas the Mexican singer borrowed US$4 million from her then-partner to resolve your tax situation.

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Nevertheless, Christian Nodal learned that Belinda’s debt with the SAT was less than the requested amounta situation that caused annoyance in the interpreter of Mexican regional music and ended up causing the final break between the couple.

Faced with this controversial situation, on March 2 Andres Manuel Lopez Obradorpresident of Mexico, talked about Belinda’s debt and her possibility of going to prison if it is not paid in full.

“About two days ago, a singer, Belinda, came out, and she has a trial at the SAT and is defending it, but we are not going to leave about Belinda,” the president reported.

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Although AMLO indicated that they will not persecute the 32-year-old singer, he reported that could request his arrest in case of not taking responsibility for his current situation with the Mexican treasury.

Belinda continues to give what to talk about after her breakup with Christian Nodal. (Free Press Photo: @belindapop/Instagram)

However, this It is not the first time that Belinda has tax problems in Mexicosince in June 2018 the columnist Javier Tejado Dondé reported that theThe artist presented a debt amounting to 20 million pesos (approximately US$960,000).

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According to the columnist, Belinda dragged this debt with the SAT for 5 years and was increasing due to various surcharges and fines presented by the singer.

“At that time, the tax authority was even asking for prison for her, but the Attorney General’s Office, to avoid a media conflict, proposed to sign some agreements to pay off the debt: millions of pesos in income -the gross product of concerts and palenques- not reported”, revealed Javier Tejada Dondé.

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Belinda: how much is the singer’s debt with the Mexican tax authorities

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