Berlusconi’s last ex-girlfriend marries an Italian singer

The Former girlfriend of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, Francesca Pascalehas married this Saturday with the Italian singer Paola Turci in a civil union, legal in Italy for homosexuals, which has been held in an idyllic town in Tuscany.

The civil union ceremony, since the transalpine country does not recognize same-sex marriage, was held in the afternoon at the Montalcino Town Hall in strict privacy. According to the country’s media, the link was attended by about 30 guests, among whom there was no celebrity, and who later moved to have dinner and celebrate at the Castle of Velona, ​​a five-star hotel complex nestled on a spectacular Tuscan hill.

Since noon many onlookers had gathered around the Consistory to see the couple, who were greeted with applause when they arrived hand in hand. Both brides wore white pantsuits. Francesca Pascale wore a blazer, and Paola Turci opted for a jumpsuit with straps and an embroidered bodice.

According to the Italian media, the ceremony began with the song Is This Love of Bob Marley and the two brides said to seal their union: “We have chosen each other”. For the celebrating mayor, Silvio Franceschelli, of the Democratic Party, it has been “the most emotional union celebrated in 10 years”, and in the link “the true feeling between two people who really love each other has been seen”. The brides took advantage of the occasion to defend the LGTBI cause. “Today is a wonderful day for human rights. [civiles]”, they said with a smile as they left City Hall. The wedding coincided with the Milan Gay Pride week.

Pascale and Berlusconi had a relationship for nine years and also shared political projects in the right-wing party he founded, Forza Italia, of which he is also president. In March 2020, the former Cavaliere, then 83 years old, made the break official through a statement that he sent to the media after being seen with his new and current partner, deputy Marta Fascina, from whom he is 53 years old.

After the separation, it became known that the tycoon had given Pascale a compensation of 20 million euros and had assigned him an annual pension of one million as “support”, even though they were never legally married. In the time that the courtship lasted, Francesca Pascale stood out for her discretion and secrecy and details of her relationship only emerged on a few occasions.

In August of that same year, photographs were published showing Pascale and Turci kissing on board a yacht. From that moment on, both began to militate for LGTBI rights, to ask for laws that would regulate them and to display the rainbow flag unapologetically on their social networks.

In an interview last year with the newspaper The Republic, Pascale explained that Berlusconi was angry with her for her position in favor of a bill against homophobia, which was ultimately not approved, and because she was going to the Pride celebrations. “I do it because I believe in it. This time I do not agree with him and I hope he changes his mind, ”she pointed out.

Shortly before the break with Berlusconi, Francesca Pascale had declared to the HuffPost: “I don’t like definitions or categories. Now I love Silvio, but if tomorrow I fell in love with a woman, what harm would he do?

Pascale and Turci have always kept their private lives extremely discreet and have never officially confirmed their relationship. After the photographs of the kiss, nothing has been known about them. The news of the link was known only the day before it was held. In fact, it was the mayor who made the union official who confirmed it. The couple limited themselves to sharing some congratulatory messages received from their friends on their social networks.

There are few occasions in which they have spoken publicly of any detail of their privacy. “I have always been called a lesbian. I could have eaten that gossip, instead I’ve turned down the covers, the money. My silence has communicated that it is not necessary to say what you are.” Turci declared a long time ago to the magazine oggi. In another recent interview he reaffirmed his position: “I have no intention of letting myself be influenced by the judgments of others or giving up having the relationships I want with the people I choose.”

For the 57-year-old singer, this is her second marriage, since she was married to journalist Andrea Amato for two years, while for Pascale it is the first “yes, I do”.

The couple has received congratulations from exponents of the world of politics, such as Senator Monica Cirinnà, promoter of the law that since 2016 recognizes homosexual civil unions. “Congratulations to Paola Turci and Francesca Pascale. The insults and hate that hit you will be swept away by the beauty of your love. Each new civil union is a powerful antidote and a seed for that cultural change that should be the goal of good politics, ”the legislator wrote on her Twitter profile.

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Berlusconi’s last ex-girlfriend marries an Italian singer

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