Biby Gaytán and Ana Paula Capetillo fall in love with their style at Fashion Week Mexico

Biby Gaytán and Ana Paula Capetillo fall in love with their style at Fashion Week Mexicobecause they looked like luxury guests at the parade of the great designer Francisco Cansino and captivated with their traditional and mexican style.

to their 50 years, Biby Gaytan continues to set trends and although mini shorts, clothes with rhinestones and leather pieces are left behind, the former Timbiriche has been able to impress with a very original stylethe difference from her companions from the show business. Biby has chosen to look the most sophisticated with designs that nod to Mexican traditions.

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With large metallic earringsbraided hair and impeccable makeup, Biby Gaytan She has looked the most beautiful in traditional blouses and dresses, but this time, she shared the spotlight with her eldest daughter, Ana Paula Capetillowho looked like her mother’s twin by both wearing a beautiful flower headdress.

the occasion was Cancino’s paradeone of the most popular events in the Fashion Week in Mexico held at the UNAM Lake House. Biby Gaytán and Ana Paula Capetillo were in the front row of the parade that showed the collaboration between Francisco Cancino and Anndra Neen.

The daughter of Biby Gaytan was in charge of sharing on social networks all the details of the dresses, accessories, hairstyle and makeup that she and her mother wore, inspiring her followers to show off her steps and at the same time, make a tribute to Mexican fashion.

Biby Gaytán delays her return to television again

In past days “overcome the absence” began his recordings and although Biby Gaytán was expected was one of the protagonists of the Rosy Ocampo soap opera alongside Alejandra Barros, Mayrín Villanueva and Ariadne Díaz, the role that was supposedly for her was left in the hands of Mariana Garza.

Although Biby Gaytán has not spoken about the subject, it has been rumored that the reason for leaving the project was insisting that her partner in the soap opera be her husband Edward Capetillo and by not reaching an agreement, she was also left out of the project.

What it is is that the protagonist of “Two women, one path” and “Camila” She has gradually resumed her activities on social networks and proof of this is the pose she shared a few days ago on vacation with her minor children and her husband, in addition to this outing from Biby Gaytan and her eldest daughter which has shown how much they enjoy time together.

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Biby Gaytán and Ana Paula Capetillo fall in love with their style at Fashion Week Mexico

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