Biby Gaytán makes you sigh in mini shorts and a blouse with puffed sleeves at 50

Biby Gaytán makes you sigh in mini shorts and a blouse with puffed sleeves at 50 and challenge the fashion rules of great figures such as Carolina Herrera, who condemn denim in mature women.

And it is that Biby Gaytán has managed to maintain her beauty not only in full maturity but after bringing into the world Five sons who are her greatest treasure, next to her husband Edward Capetillowith whom he recently celebrated 28 years of marriage.

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Silvia Gaytan Barragan is his real name, but after passing through Timbiriche and her facet as an actress where soap operas like “Two women, one path”, “Camila” and “Reach for a star II”, Biby Gaytan She earned a privileged place among the Latino public and precisely the mini shorts became part of her hallmark, since she has always worn them in a flirtatious way but without falling into vulgarity.

today again Biby Gaytán shows off her impeccable figure in a charming summer outfit where she combined some denim mini shorts with a colorful Mexican blousebraids and traditional jewelry, boasting a Mexican style but at the same time modern.

Yes ok, Biby Gaytan was dedicated to the care of her family for many years, the interpreter of “a lot of women for you” Y “And he leaves saying sorry”, has indicated that it has remained active with various dance classes, healthy eating and various exercises such as yoga and pilateswhere sometimes his daughters have accompanied him.

Biby Gaytán has also admitted that she really likes to take care of her skin and that she loves makeup, a taste that she also shares with her daughters, where natural remedies to prevent aging stand out, something that is noticeable.

Biby Gaytán and her loving message to Paulina Rubio

After the unfortunate death of the great Susana Dosamantes was announced, Pauline Rubio received loving messages from his colleagues from Timbirichewhere there was no lack of Biby Gaytanwho has always talked about the great friendship that unites them.

In addition to his time in Timbiriche, Biby Gaytan and Paulina Rubio They were the protagonists of the telenovela “Dance with me” where Paulina was the villain of the story and although it seemed that there were great differences between them, the reality is that they formed a great friendship that has prevailed over the years.

For now it is not known if Biby Gaytan and other members of Timbiriche participate in the farewell ceremonies for the first actress, because after watching over her body, her last wish to be cremated and that her remains rest in Mexico will be carried out.

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Biby Gaytán makes you sigh in mini shorts and a blouse with puffed sleeves at 50

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