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Vaccination against covid-19 for children reaches the Justice in Uruguay

Montevideo, Jul 6 (EFE) .- Vaccination against covid-19 in Uruguay came into the hands of the Justice after a lawyer filed an amparo action requesting to suspend the inoculation of those under 13 years of age, despite the fact that it is not mandatory in the country. This Wednesday, the Ministry of Public Health (MSP), the Uruguayan Presidency and the US laboratory Pfizer were summoned to a hearing in the Contentious Administrative Court that lasted more than six hours and was finally extended for Thursday. Submitting a certified copy of the vaccine purchase contracts and providing “extensive detail” of their biochemical composition were some of the 16 requests that the judge in the case, Alejandro Recarey, made to the defendant after giving the green light to the appeal filed by the lawyer Maximiliano Dentone, who acted in a personal capacity. The magistrate also requested specifications on whether or not the vaccines are experimental, if they contain “the substance called messenger RNA” or if they have “nanotechnological elements.” With banners reading phrases like “Let’s get to the truth. We need to believe in Justice” or “We support Judge Recarey,” more than 100 people demonstrated in front of the courthouse to support the instance. This Tuesday, consulted by the press, the secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, assured that the Government would appear at the hearing “being faithful to three principles that governed the entire pandemic: transparency, responsibility and scientific endorsement.” In this line, the MSP exposed in a statement issued at the beginning of the hearing that it acted at all times “safeguarding and protecting human rights”, as well as “defending the freedom of parents, adults responsible for minors and adolescents with progressive autonomy of the will, to be vaccinated if they wish”. The portfolio, which detailed in successive publications its response to court orders, with statements such as that messenger RNA vaccines “have proven efficacy in trials,” stated that this protection breached the deadlines set by law and constituted a “violation of the separation of powers” for “invading” the health powers of the Executive. Likewise, he argued that the breach of confidentiality that involves disclosing the details of the agreement with the laboratories “would imply international discredit” and could close “doors” to the country. “It would make the Uruguayan State incur responsibility, also putting at risk the execution of the signed contracts and those to be signed, threatening the supply of the doses already acquired and whose delivery may be pending and those that are needed in the future ” , pointed out the MSP. Previously, in a brief presented, the lawyers requested the disqualification of the judge of the case for “questioning and giving a prior opinion”, which was rejected by the magistrate. After the hearing, lawyer Fernando Torres, who assisted Dentone, stressed to the press the importance of parents having “all the technical and scientific elements to be able to decide whether or not to inoculate a minor.” To this he added that now it remains to wait for the judge to rule “with all the evidence that he has available” and that he is “optimistic” about the resolution. This Thursday, the parties will have a new hearing at 9:00 local time (12:00 GMT). According to the web monitor developed by the MSP, until this Wednesday 2,997,892 people (84.61% of the population) completed their immunization schedule with two doses from the Chinese pharmaceutical companies Sinovac, the Anglo-Swedish AstraZeneca or the American Pfizer. In the age range of 5 to 11 years, 43.48% of children in the South American country were inoculated with two doses of the Pfizer anticovid vaccine, while in the section between 12 and 14, 75.43% had already been vaccinated . (c) EFE Agency

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Biby Gaytán puts on the shorts of Dos mujeres, un camino and causes a sensation

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