Brad Pitt believes that the end of his career is coming: “For some time now, I see myself in my last stage”

The writer Ottessa Moshfegh (My year of rest and relaxationAlfaguara, 2018) has interviewed Brad Pitt (Oklahoma, USA, 58 years old) for the July issue of the men’s magazine GQ, where the actor has confessed from the quiet house in which he spent the confinement and that he now considers “his refuge” that he could be reaching the twilight of his film career: “For some time now, I already see myself in my last stage. What will this new phase be like? How am I going to figure it out?”

In a deep and intense conversation, where the actor and the writer make references to poems by Rumi or Rilke, the actor, who has quit tobacco during the pandemic, has talked about his drinking problems and his arrival at Alcoholics Anonymous: “I was in a great group of men, very private and selective, so it was safe,” he confessed, “I had seen what had happened to others, like Philip Seymour Hoffman, who was recorded while vomiting, and It seemed atrocious to me.” The actor has not been drinking since 2016, the year in which announced his divorce with fellow actress Angelina Joliewith whom they have six children together.

Since then, Pitt and Jolie have started a legal battle for divorce and custody of the children, in which each of the actors has already spent over a million dollars in legal matters. Some experts predict that until the little ones turn 18 and they all reach the age of majority, and therefore legal independence from their parents, the fight for their custody will not come to an end. At the moment, it’s Angelina Jolie who has custody of children in common.

Pitt confesses to being in a reflective moment, where he can, finally, analyze his past with a new look. Under this new perspective, the actor talks about his problems with depression and his inability for a long time to achieve happiness: “I think that joy has been something that I discovered later in life. I always let myself go with the flow, I went through the world a little aimlessly, I went from one thing to another. I think that for a few years I suffered from mild depression, and until I have overcome it, until I have fully accepted myself, beautiful and ugly, I have not been able to feel those moments of joy. Faced with the writer’s response, who says she suspects that he has a broken heart, the actor replies: “I think we all have a broken heart.”

The interpreter of Seven Y Once upon a time in… Hollywood He has also spoken about a curious problem he has at social events: his inability to remember people’s faces, which can lead other people to think that Pitt is cold or distant. Although he has never had an official diagnosis, the actor suspects that he may suffer from prosopagnosia, a characteristic that affects the temporal lobe, generally in the right hemisphere, causing the person to lose the connection between what they see and the part of the memory that is dedicated to identification. “Nobody believes me!”, Says the actor in the interview, “I want to meet someone to whom the same thing happens”.

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Brad Pitt believes that the end of his career is coming: “For some time now, I see myself in my last stage”

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