Brenda Asnicar was honest about the moments of excesses she went through: “She took the wrong path”

Brenda Asnicar was honest about the moments of excesses she had: “She took the wrong path”

Brenda Asnicar revealed in a recent interview that he lived through difficult times due to the consumption of prohibited substances. “At some point did you have a stage of lack of control or excess?” Wanted to know Alan Parodi, the host of spicy therapy, a well-known talk show on the Pilo channel in Youtube. “I am very sentimental and I am very attached to my affections. In the darkest moments it was in the moments in which I was farthest from my family, ”replied the former Ugly Duckling.

“Did they lead you down the wrong paths?” the presenter asked. “Sometimes you’re with new friends, or with people who… Yes, of course,” Brenda said, sincerely. “Schedule disorders, or things that would have to spend more time to give an analysis to that. Just this year I am going out to 2022″, added Duki’s ex.

Asnicar assured that her worst moment was during the quarantine due to the pandemic, where she had to be alone, away from her loved ones. “Those things made me very paranoid. more than I had because I think the exposure I had from such a young age generated a certain paranoia in me,” she confessed.

“It happened to me in many moments of my career. He has gone from being with new friends who told me like ‘let’s go this weekend and smoke a joint’ and I told him that I didn’t smoke joint. I was 16 years old at the time.”she said, in reference to being close to people with addictions at a very young age.

Asnicar assured that his worst moment was during the quarantine due to the pandemic

“I am going to one of these soda brand festivals and a friend comes, who is a public relations officer and I know him like a lot of people and I know him in 19 years of career. He tells me ‘you don’t know what just happened to me, you’re going to die when I tell you’”, She began by telling about a friend who betrayed her.

“My friend tells me that he just received this message that said ‘hey, I have Brenda Asnicar smoking joint in such a place…’. I asked him to give me the phone to schedule it, to have it there and see what’s up. When I booked it, I already had it. It was this girl!”, he remembered.

“I don’t know if I wanted to appear in the magazines, if I wanted to ruin my life, sell the note. That made me paranoid about generating new links. I became a more hermit person and that is why it is important that the people around you support you, ”Asnicar closed, with total honesty. Parodi asked her again about the “people who led her down bad paths” and Brenda clarified that she was not saying that people were to blame. “I basically took the wrong path,” the artist made clear.

a couple of days ago Brenda Asnicar shared with his followers some postcards of his trip to the Amazon. The actress and singer said that she fulfilled her dream of getting to know the Amazon region of the Republic of Ecuador, and was able to be more than ever in contact with nature. As a travel log, she recorded several moments of her journey, and there was one specific moment that made a great impression on her: eat worms. She then shared on her Instagram account the photo album and the video where she revealed the final result of the extreme experience.

The Ecuadorian Amazonian cultures are teaching me many things. It is incredible how important nature is to us and all the knowledge that we acquire without knowing over time and today we forget where they come from, ”wrote the former Ugly Duckling in a reflective way along with an album of postcards of her adventure . “I am going to be connecting with civilizations and with sacred trees that called me to give me their message”, she added very enthusiastically.


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Brenda Asnicar was honest about the moments of excesses she went through: “She took the wrong path”

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