Britney Spears and other celebrities with problems with their parents

After 13 years, Britney Spears regained her freedom, after Judge Brenda Penny ended the guardianship that her father James Parnell Spears had over her. With her mother, Lynne Spears, it is known that she does not have a good relationship either, as Britney left it between seeing after the statements she made on social networks once she was released just a few days ago.

“I wake up every day thinking how my family has been able to do all these bad things to me that they should be in jail for. Yes, including my mother who goes to church, ”said Britney.

Today we remember other celebrities who have bad or no relationship with their parents.

Meghan Markle

The current Duchess of Sussex, with divorced parents, always kept in touch with her father after the separation but everything changed when he decided to reveal private details of his daughter when the courtship between the actress and Princess Diana’s youngest son became public of Wales, Prince Harry. Weeks before the wedding, Thomas sold personal photos of Meghan to the press.

Days before the wedding, she announced – via the Royal House – that her father would not attend the ceremony, in which he was expected to deliver her to the altar, arguing how delicate her health was after having suffered a heart attack.

The man has also threatened to go to court so that Meghan allows him to meet his grandchildren, Archie Harrison and Lilibet Diana.



Although it is known that her father, Mathew Knowles, was the one who launched the career of Beyoncé – and her younger sister, Solange – the relationship ended badly between them when Jay-Z’s wife decided to take full control of their music career.

Beyoncé rose to fame when she was part of the musical trio Destiny’s Child. Then he decided to pursue a solo career and it was after the release of his third album, I am … Sasha fierce, that he decided to go on his own and, literally, fire his father. Not only did Mathew stop managing his daughter, he received a lawsuit! by Beyoncé, who accused him of theft, having kept part of the fortune he managed to get since he was in the Destiny’s Child group.

At the same time, Tina, Mathew’s wife, filed for divorce and Beyoncé and Solange sided with their mother. It wasn’t until Mathew’s breast cancer (rare in men) was found that the disease brought the family closer together.

Christina Aguilera


The singer has made public on more than one occasion how difficult her childhood was, since, she says, her father abused her on a physical and psychological level.

“There is always a room for forgetting, and I forget, but you must grow up and make decisions for your family,” the interpreter told Latina magazine about her relationship with her father.

In the same talk, Aguilera recognized the courage of her mother, who endured the humiliations and violence of her husband. “When I remember the chaos my mother endured, I don’t know how she did it,” said the singer, who has not had contact with her father, Fausto Aguilera, for more than a decade.

In a documentary about her life, Christina stated that as a very young girl she witnessed “many unpleasant things: pushing, fighting and arguing. I grew up without feeling safe; powerless”.

Macaulay Culkin


Macaulay Culkin conquered the public after giving life to the mischievous Kevin McCallister, in the My Poor Little Angel films, a situation that caused his father, Kit Culkin, to become his representative. From that moment, the minor did not stop working and generating wealth for his family.

It is known that he only attended one class in elementary school, since most of the time he spent working on the orders of his father, who literally exploited him with hundreds of work commitments.

“I was just asking him for a break and he kept signing contracts for more films. Nobody was listening to me. He made me sleep with my brother in an armchair, “Macaulay adult told the WTF program.

At just 14 years old, he decided to bring his parents to trial, requesting emancipation to free him from them. Macaulay argued that, in addition to workplace abuse, she suffered from threats of physical violence and emotional humiliation. Two years later he accomplished the task.

Both he and his brother, Kieran, who is part of the cast of the series Succession, have not had a relationship with their parents for years.

The Jackson Brothers


Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson’s sister, has revealed that her family life, as a child, was very complicated, especially because of her father, who, while still children, forced them to work as singers, when he formed the group Jackson Five.

In an interview with Piers Morgan Tonight, the singer revealed that Joseph Jackson never allowed them to refer to him as dad.

“I would go to a friend’s house and see how they were called ‘dad’ and they would sit on her lap,” said Janet, who assured that the only time she tried, her father demanded that she call him Joseph.

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey, the King of Pop revealed details about his father’s sexual and physical abuse against them, which included hitting his belt buckles.


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Britney Spears and other celebrities with problems with their parents