Britney Spears could participate in the Super Bowl 2023

Recently, a strong rumor has emerged that the famous American singer and dancer Britney Spears could participate in the iconic halftime show of the superbowl for the next year 2023.

After so many years of sadness for the singer, today Britney is free to resume her artistic career.

This is how a strong rumor has been commenting that he could participate in the famous Super Bowl show next year.

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As you may remember, it was approximately 13 years in which Britney Spears saw her career cut short as the Princess of popbecause his whole life depended on the decisions of his father.

However, it was not until this year that she was finally able to be free and resume her life as she pleased.

However, although he is now free, he has commented that he does not return to the music for the fact that he wants to focus on his personal life and his new marriage with Sam Asghari.

Despite this, a rumor recently emerged that he could be dealing with the NFL about his participation in the 2023 Super Bowl.

It is worth mentioning that this came to light from a supposed source close to the singer and also a businesswoman.

In addition, it has also been leaked that Australian rapper Iggy Azalea and American icon Madonna are wanted to accompany her.

And although there is no guarantee that this is true, something similar happened when Jennifer Lopez was presented, because although it was not believed to be true, it finally became a reality.

The truth is that fans still remember when Britney Spears participated in the Super Bowl show but in 2001.

It was designed by MTV and the pop singer was accompanied by Aerosmith, N Sync, Mary J Belige and Nelly.

In fact, it was recently seen that Britney shared a memory about that unique show on the eve of this year’s Super Bowl on her official Instagram account.

As you may remember, the important career of the Princess of Pop began with her successful song Baby One More Time and this song dates back to 1999 when Britney Spears was only 16 years old.

And its success was so incredible that it was quickly positioned internationally and was one of the singles that reached the most sales.

In addition, it was thanks to this success that he positioned himself as a pop icon, so it is expected that his happiness will continue and he will be able to raise his appointment again.

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Britney Spears could participate in the Super Bowl 2023

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