Britney Spears poses as Eva and worries about her health in networks

The princess of pop today left us speechless with her latest publication and to his followers full of concern, since he shared a photograph in which he poses as Eva and with a slightly strange face, a image which leaves many doubts about his mental health.

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Britney Spears has always tried to share in social media details of her life and images that speak of her career, but this time she published something totally different, the singer sediment like Eva, leaving everything up in the air and with a strange face that makes one doubt that she is in her right mind.

The singer is posing only with her hands on her attributes and edited the photo to place a heart in her area, but not only appearing without clothes was what caused concernalso his super disheveled hairstyle, his lost look and the strong outlined faded in black.

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In addition to this he added some posts out of context that raised doubts, “Photo dump from the last time I was in Mexico, before there was a baby inside me… Why the hell do I look 10 years younger on vacation?

And in the second, “Don’t underestimate the power of doing it myself, and shooting with a selfie stick, !!!Photo dump before there was a child inside me!!!”. Two messages that his followers immediately commented on, obviously they are concerned about the Health Of the singer.

Some of the comments were, “I really like Britney, but I’m really worried about her. Why???? who is her publicist? Once she’s out there, she’s OUT. Xxx”, and the truth is that she is right, these photos communicate everything except stability and health.

We hope that it is just a false alarm and those photos are taken with her mentally healthy, we were already calm because apparently everything was going well in her lifetime Since she won the lawsuit against her father, photos of the happiest with her future husband are even seen on social networks.

Since the last thing they have said on that subject, is that they already have a date for the wedding, but they do not plan to make it public, not to mention that she is expecting her first baby with her fiancé. So far they are only news that revolve around the life of the singer.

We will keep you informed of any new developments, especially whether or not you speak out in the face of these highly detailed photographs that have just been published by the singerwe really hope that everything is fine in her life and that she is too, force Britney. If you want to see Britney Spears as Eva, click here.

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Britney Spears poses as Eva and worries about her health in networks

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