Camilo Echeverry: how is the family of Evaluna Montaner’s husband

They are the couple of the moment and after becoming parents of their little girl, , continue to arouse greater interest among their thousands of fans. The singer, who is already part of the Montaner family, also shows his great affection for his own relatives, who are totally unrelated to the artistic world.

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For some years the couple formed by Y Eva Luna She became one of the most popular and famous in the entertainment world and that increased even more when they announced in mid-2021 that they would be parents.

The emotion also invaded its thousands of fans when in early April 2022 Indigothe daughter of the singers came into this world.

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The Echeverry family enjoying their vacations (Photo: Manuela Echeverry/Instagram)

It should also be specified that He has always been seen with the Montaner family. In some photographs he has appeared together with Mauricio Y Ricardo Montaner who are also dedicated to music.

As you remember, it was in 2007 when He found in the “Factor X” program the great opportunity that he needed and wanted so much to start a career dedicated to what he liked the most: music.

But what has aroused the curiosity of many people is to know who makes up the family of Camilo Y who live in Colombia.

Manuela, Eugenio, Lía and Camilo (Photo: Manuela Echeverry/Instagram)
Manuela, Eugenio, Lía and Camilo (Photo: Manuela Echeverry/Instagram)


this 2022 Y Evaluate Montaner they became Indigo’s parents and despite the fact that the singers have already formed their own family, they do not forget their loved ones who have supported them at all times.

In the case of , comes from a natural family of Medellin, in Colombia. His family group is made up of Don Eugene, his father; as well as Leah Correa, his mom; and his sister Manuela EcheverryAs reported .


Don Eugene receive the affection of their children, Y Manuelaand this has also been shown in some photos on social networks that have been published by the singer and his sister.

The Patriarch Echeverry He turned 66 this 2022 and his loved ones had no better idea than to get together and celebrate his name day.

Don Eugenio is the father of the singer Camilo (Photo: Manuela Echeverry/Instagram)
Don Eugenio is the father of the singer Camilo (Photo: Manuela Echeverry/Instagram)


The mother of Camilo it is Leah Correa who is an important person for the singer and at all times thanks him for always supporting him since he was a child.

“I love you mama. No matter how much I do to honor you, I will never be able to catch up with everything you do for me, and all the love you give me daily, whatever the situation.”, Camilo published on his mother’s last birthday.

Doña Lía Correa is Camilo's mother (Photo: Manuela Echeverry/Instagram)
Doña Lía Correa is Camilo’s mother (Photo: Manuela Echeverry/Instagram)


Manuela, Camilo’s sister She gave clues on social networks about what would be, apparently, her new position in the family as Indigo’s godmother by posting on her Instagram the message of “Feliz day to the most beautiful goddaughter”, although according to the portal this would not be the case because Camilo Y Eva Luna they practice Christianity.

She has also been shown to have a good relationship with Eva Luna and with the rest of the Montaner family.

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Manuela Echeverry is the sister of singer Camilo (Photo: Manuela Echeverry/Instagram)
Manuela Echeverry is the sister of singer Camilo (Photo: Manuela Echeverry/Instagram)


During an interview with Ventaneando, He revealed to Pati Chapoy intimate aspects of his personal life and details little known to the public.

Ricardo Montaner’s son-in-law revealed what the engraved bee on one of his rings means. This engraving has a special relationship with the childhood of the Colombian singer.

It is a little symbol that reminds me of my home business, that we are all beekeepers. My parents all their lives through beekeeping and honey. I learned and did a lot, but nothing compared to my dad… I think my dad is the person who knows the most about beekeeping in the world”, revealed the interpreter of “Expensive clothes”.

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Camilo Echeverry: how is the family of Evaluna Montaner’s husband

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