Cantinflas. El Detail, the mysterious hacienda that he built and abandoned in San Luis Potosí

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One of the most famous residences in the Huasteca potosina region is the hacienda ‘El Detail’; the reason is that this property was bought by ‘Cantinflas’ in SLP.

The property was for a long time one of the most luxurious ranches in the municipality of Ciudad Valles, but today it is abandoned and guided tours are occasionally organized to show tourists how the comedian lived.

There is a project stopped more than two decades ago that intended to turn this place into a museum to honor the memory of Mario Moreno ‘Cantinflas’.

Why did Cantinflas live in San Luis Potosí?

From being one of the most famous tent artists, Mario Moreno became a movie star in Mexico at the beginning of the 40’s.

And with his first large salary he decided to buy a 100-hectare plot of land in 1943, cleaned it up and carried out a project in which around five million dollars were invested.

That’s how he built his first ranch, a place he baptized ‘El Detail’, for his film ‘There is the detail’; tape that consolidated him as one of the great actors of the Golden Age.

But many wonder why he built the hacienda in SLP? The reason is found in the following hypotheses.

The father of ‘Cantinflas’ was born in the state of Potosí and it is said that he instilled in him the traditions of the region and love for his land.

In addition, Moreno spent part of his youth in the Huasteca after a company abandoned him to his fate.

It is mentioned that the actor worked in several municipalities to save money and return to Mexico City to continue his career in entertainment.

One more story about the decision to acquire land in the region was that his friend Jorge Negrete told him about the project and even his farm was very close to where ‘El Detail’ was built.

The truth is that ‘Cantinflas’ acquired the properties located 25 kilometers from Ciudad Valles, between the Tampaón and Valles rivers, for 30 thousand pesos.

This was the farmThe detail‘. His life as Cantinflas in SLP

The actor’s historians report that he invested 5 million dollars to build a large 12-bedroom residence, with a luxurious bar with paintings of bullfighters by the Valencian Ruano Llopis, where a giant screen was installed to project his films, and an Olympic pool covered with mosaics from Talavera de la Reina.

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He also ordered the paving of the five kilometers of dirt road towards the Mexico-Laredo highway, and a chalan was installed to cross the river.

The comedian applied his knowledge acquired as a student of Chapingo, and decided to grow citrus and raise zebu cattle.

The hacienda also had services such as electricity and a water purification plant.

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Another whim that the actor gave himself was to build a bullring, which he inaugurated in 1948 and to which he gave the name of Cholita, in honor of his mother, Soledad Reyes.

Several photographs document how the famous man spent long periods on his ranch, a site managed by his brother.

During its splendor, bullfights, parties and other gatherings were organized at the hacienda, attended by celebrities of the time such as María Félix, Jorge Negrete and Manolín.







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Cantinflas. El Detail, the mysterious hacienda that he built and abandoned in San Luis Potosí

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