Carmen Barbieri received live the result of the DNA test that was done with her sister: the driver’s reaction

Carmen Barbieri received live the result of the DNA test that was done with her sister (Video: “Mañanísima”, Ciudad Magazine)

The day finally came: Carmen Barbieri knew the result of the DNA that determines if Aliciathe woman who claimed to be the daughter of Alfredo Barbieriis she or isn’t her sister. It had all started at the beginning of April, when in in the afternoonthe program that drives Karina Mazzocco in Americatold about the existence of this 61-year-old person who believed he was the result of an extramarital relationship of the father of the capocómica.

Is it a first for Mazzocco? Good for her. How Mazzocco investigates my life!”, Carmen had said at the time, with a dose of irony. But when they reproduced the information given by Deborah D’Amato in said program, Barbieri lost his humor. “When Carmen was between 6 or 7 years old, Alicia’s mother would have had a love affair with Alfredo Barbieri. It was an unintended pregnancy. At the age of 18, she was killed with six shots. Alicia grows up with her grandmother, who acts as her mother and tells her about her. It is a fairly hidden story in the family because of the pain it generates.”, the panelist had said.

I don’t like the femicide thing that has to do with pregnancy. This is already getting dark. My daddy was a good man, a hard worker, a good father. When there is talk of a homicide, they are putting my father in the middle, who cannot defend himself,” said the mother of Faith Bal after the tape.

But the truth is that after some twists and turns, last week Carmen was able to undergo the genetic test and this Wednesday she learned the result while hosting her program very morningin City Magazine. “The result is negative, incompatible for half a brotherhood. The participants do not have any common parental bond. The chance of half brotherhood is 0%”read him pampitoone of the panelists.

Carmen Barbieri and her alleged sister when they gave their first note

“I want my son to stay calm, because he told me that if I tested negative, I didn’t have to be sad. I don’t get sad, I think of Alicia more than anything, that she was excited. But I’m not disappointed, because there was also the possibility that it was negative. But I think a lot about Alicia because she looks for her identity, and many times they have told him about my dad, and he even met him. It is something that we have to continue talking about, ”were the first words that the exvedette said when she heard the news. And she added: “I tell Alicia to stay calm, she had promised her that we will still talk, and I comply.”

Days ago, after undergoing DNA testing, Carmen had expressed her feelings. “When I saw her we hugged and I felt something strange, a mixture of nerves, emotion. But she transmitted something strange to me, that without the positive DNA I could say that she is my sister, I feel that she is my sister”, he had told in an interview with intruders (America). “Alicia is a super intelligent, sensitive woman with a very hard life who has had this doubt for 40 years. I am always in favor of identity. One has to know where she comes from, who her parents were, ”Carmen had added about her supposed sister.

Then he had shown the first note they made together in his Ciudad Magazine program: “It was not that difficult, it is like when they do a swab for covid-19 that they do it for mucosa and everything is fine. We are both excited.” “You have to understand that Alicia is not from the middle, but if you are my sister you will be from the middle. I feel sorry for you, my little girl.” the capocómica said between laughs and gave him a hug. “It was a total thrill. We didn’t know each other personally and I’m happy.”


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Carmen Barbieri received live the result of the DNA test that was done with her sister: the driver’s reaction

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