Carmen Barbieri spoke about Fede Bal’s health: “He is suffering a lot because the pain is unbearable”

The word of Carmen Barbieri after Fede Bal’s accident

Carmen Barbieri traveled this weekend urgently to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to closely follow the evolution of his son, Fede Bal, who suffered a serious accident while recording images for the program Rest of the world (El Trece) on the beaches of the Brazilian island of Paraty.

The actor and driver was practicing paragliding when the engine came off and hit him violently, which caused an open fracture in his left arm. Focused on accompanying her son, in the last few hours, Carmen used her Instagram account only to share the stamp of San Jorge, patron saint who is asked for protection, health and help to face adversity.

This Monday, Barbieri aired on very morning, the cycle that she leads from Monday to Friday in Ciudad Magazine and gave more details of how the actor is. “I am in the hospital where Federico was given a very large suite, there is a separate place where friends can be and where I am. I just got the record of everything that happened because he could have killed himself, ” The driver said very distressed.

“The truth is that I have to thank God that this did not happen to adults and that it is not serious. Gravity has it in the arm because they had to operate on it for three hours, but when they opened it they found so much sand, dirt and grass -product of the accident- that they had to clean the bone and they couldn’t fix it. Then they closed with a long iron from the elbow to the wrist and it has nails that hold it, “explained the actress.

“The first thing I asked again is if he is going to lose his arm or his hand because he couldn’t move it, and they told me that this is not serious, it is dedicated because It is a very laborious operation that will be done twice. The first one was already done, which was cleaning, and the next one will be on Friday, although we want it to be brought forward to Wednesday,” he said.

Regarding how the actor is spending these hours, Carmen said: “They are riddled with antibiotics, painkillers and morphine because the pain is unbearable. His mood is good and he is making jokes and jokes in bad taste with black humor all the time, but the truth is that he is suffering a lot. I know he is in great pain, but they control him and they are treating him great at the hospital.”

Carmen Barbieri is in Brazil to accompany Fede Bal

Meanwhile, Barbieri highlighted the attitude of Sofía Aldrey, Federico’s partner. “The mother suffers, but his girlfriend stays all night to take care of him because only one person can stay and I gave her the place because she is his wife, they are clearly a married couple. I see her and I remember that when I was her age, I accompanied Santiago (Bal) when he was hospitalized. We hit the lottery with Sofia!” he commented. “Last night we found out that he broke his nose because he was wearing glasses and a cheekbone. It was a big accident.” concluded with great concern.

It should be remembered that weeks ago, Fede had spoken with teleshow about the new challenge he took on when he accepted the proposal to take the reins of delivery number 19 of Rest of the world. “I got nervous. I am 32 years old and it is a program that I have watched all my life looking for destinations to visit. I could not believe it. Also, I love to travel! I thought: ‘How nice that it happened to me’”, he revealed excitedly in mid-March, after his first stop in Spain to record in various destinations.

“I would like to put my stamp on it. Not as a celebrity, but as a traveler. Let me get lost in the city, get tattooed… I’m going to make notes, they’re going to have the best chef in each place, but I also want to live it as if it were myself, “he said about the style he added to the program. “My mission is not to be similar to the other editions, I came to break the mold”, He confessed about his goals hours before the premiere.


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Carmen Barbieri spoke about Fede Bal’s health: “He is suffering a lot because the pain is unbearable”

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