Carmen Campuzano returns without a disfigured face

Carmen Campuzano returns without a disfigured face. The Mexican model surprised the public with her reappearance on Mexican television as one of the participants of MasterChef Celebrity where she will show her cooking skills, but she was surprised by her new image.

The 51-year-old star was one of the Models most successful and internationally recognized, even managed to appear on the covers of the most important fashion magazines in the world, such as Vogue. She also had the opportunity to work in the United States and Europe.

However, his life and professional career changed abruptly not only because of his addictions to intoxicating drinks and coca, which caused him to distance himself from his relatives. In fact, there is the idea that this generated the deformation of the nose.

The truth is that, in 2001, Carmen Campuzano began to present rare symptom As a lack of sensitivity in his hands, two balls of fat appeared on his head, his hair, eyebrows and eyelashes began to fall out. As if that were not enough, she had pain in her legs, throat, mucous membranes and nose.

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After months of studies, the doctors concluded that the model had leptospirosisinfectious disease caused by bacteria that can cause fatal damage, attacking various important organs, such as kidneys, liver, brain, lungs and heart.

According to the doctors, it can be contract by drinking or having contact with water or soil contaminated by urine and body fluids of infected animals or by direct contact with secretions of carrier animals (rodents, raccoons, opossums, pigs, dogs, horses, buffalo, sheep and goats).

The truth is that, between his illness and addictions, a large number of doctors refused to reconstruct his nose. So far, the star is known to have undergone more than ten surgeries to improve the appearance of your face.

Even in the first months of this year she underwent an intervention and confessed that she had already begun to feel comfortable with her appearance thanks to a professional who agreed to operate on her: “This Mexican specialist made a commitment to me and has given me back the ability to live again many things that limited me, the problem with my nose, with my work.”

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After reappearing on MasterChef, netizens published memes, but there were many people who defended her: “I don’t even see #MasterChefCelebrity but I already found out that they are attacking my personal friend Carmen Campuzano, and not with her; They leave her alone. Not everyone survives what she does, I was a witness to part of her process. Courage, and she is still the most, queen ”.

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Carmen Campuzano returns without a disfigured face

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