Quick and easy paprika soup with lemon and feta cheese – Food Pharmacy

Quick and easy paprika soup with lemon and feta cheese

Food Pharmacy Store ABs integritetspolicy Food Pharmacy Store AB (“Food Pharmacy”) works to ensure that your privacy is protected when using our services. Food Pharmacy is responsible for the personal data that you send to us in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this privacy policy, we inform you about why and in … Read more

Largest pumpkin exhibition in North Rhine-Westphalia – Krewelshof Eifel

Largest pumpkin exhibition in North Rhine Westphalia Krewelshof Eifel

A fantastic circus world with elephants, tigers or clowns as well as a giant pyramid await you at the Krewelshof Eifel, built from over 100,000 pumpkins. It is the largest pumpkin exhibition in North Rhine-Westphalia. You can experience the Pumpkin Festival 2021 with this year’s circus motto until November 6th. We went on a trip … Read more

Nixtamalisatie – Nick Trachet over maïs – Foodlog

Nixtamalisatie Nick Trachet over mais Foodlog

Nixtamalization is the process of alkaline (alkaline) cooking and grinding corn to make it more nutritious. The peoples of the maize, we think of the Aztecs, but also other North American cultures as far as the present United States, depended on maize as a basis for their diet. They rubbed the cooked grains on a … Read more

Having a second child: 4 tips to delay the eldest child’s jealousy!

Having a second child 4 tips to delay the eldest

Having a second child, or a third, fourth, can be a real upheaval for the previous child, especially if it is close together. However, the jealousy of the elder towards the baby is far from inevitable. Here are some tips that can make a real big difference in the family, as they did in mine … Read more

The beaches of Athens, a stone’s throw from ancient monuments to discover – Travel Me Happy – Travel blog

The beaches of Athens a stones throw from ancient monuments

In Athens, all history lovers will reach nirvana in front of the ancient wonders of the Greek capital, while sunbathing aficionados will be seduced by the white sandy beaches. A destination that knows how to win the hearts of everyone, and this in all seasons. Head for the cradle of our civilization! The Eldorado for … Read more

Aus dem Nähkästchen: Was war, ist und sein wird – family4travel

Aus dem Nahkastchen Was war ist und sein wird

Es wird mal wieder Zeit für ein wenig Plauderei aus dem Nähkästchen. Normalerweise mache ich das im Juni zum Blog-Geburtstag. Diesmal bin ich nicht dazu gekommen. Es war einfach sehr, SEHR viel los in letzter Zeit. Deshalb wird sich hier auch einiges ändern. Grüße aus Binz Ich tippe diese Zeilen (na ja, den Anfang dieses … Read more

Shipping on Lake Walen and Lake Hallwil – great excursions on Swiss lakes

Shipping on Lake Walen and Lake Hallwil great

Advertising: Contribution in cooperation with the Association of Swiss Shipping Companies When the days get shorter and the forests become more colorful from day to day, it becomes calmer on the Swiss lakes and rivers. Some shipping companies completely shut down operations in winter, others reduce to those liner routes that take on the function … Read more

Bayreuth Sehenswürdigkeiten: Schlösser, Gärten und Street Art

Bayreuth Sehenswurdigkeiten Schlosser Garten und Street Art

(Enthält Werbung) Viele Opernfans träumen von den Wagner Festspielen in Bayreuth. Andere schwärmen vom prächtigen Markgräflichen Opernhaus, das zum UNESCO Weltkulturerbe gehört. Doch es gibt noch mehr Sehenswertes! Im Oktober 2021 verbrachte ich ein langes Wochenende in der bayerischen Studentenstadt. In diesem Artikel verrate ich euch, welche klassischen Bayreuth Sehenswürdigkeiten sich richtig lohnen. Außerdem gebe … Read more

Hildesheim mit Kindern: Tipps für den Kurztrip – family4travel

Hildesheim mit Kindern Tipps fur den Kurztrip family4travel

[Reiseblogger-Kooperation] Die uralte Stadt mit dem Welterbe ist auch für ganz junge Besucher ein lohnenswertes Reiseziel. Rund 24 Stunden haben wir Hildesheim mit Kindern erkundet. Mitgebracht haben wir Tipps für ein schönes Familienprogramm und eine preiswerte Übernachtungsmöglichkeit. #cities4family in Hildesheim Auch den Kurztrip nach Hildesheim mit Kindern beschert uns mein Großauftrag des Marketing-Verbunds about cities. … Read more

Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s – Food Pharmacy

Alzheimers and Parkinsons Food Pharmacy

Then it was time for brain post number two. This time I go into more depth with the two most common neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and also mention a bit about Lewy body dementia which is relatively similar to Parkinson’s. I will highlight the most common symptoms of full-term illness and also diffuse pre-neurological … Read more