My child’s behavior: how can I easily improve it?

My childs behavior how can I easily improve it

When our child’s behavior displeases us, what image of him before us? When we tell others about him, what do we tell them about him? Do we sometimes launch, even with humor: “He is unbearable”, “The sucker”, “I can’t take you any more! “? Because even if these words are said with “lightness”, they reflect … Read more

UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING – What is “wokism” and why is it controversial?

UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING What is wokism and why is it

The word “wokism” has flourished in the mouths of politicians lately, this English term is not easy to define and does not have the same meaning on the right and left of the board. Jean-Michel Blanquer launches his think tank against “wokes”, Edouard Philippe warns against “wokism that can fall on you” … Difficult in … Read more

Portale Sardegna signs an agreement to internationalize Welcome to Italy

Portale Sardegna signs an agreement to internationalize Welcome to Italy

Massimiliano Cossu Portale Sardegna and Welcome Travel Group have signed a commercial partnership with APG North America LLP, an American company based in New York, Miami and Los Angeles which is part of the APG network, the main GSA companies in the world, covering over 170 countries. The partnership envisages the diffusion of the Welcome … Read more

In the Facebook control tower during the assault on the Capitol

In the Facebook control tower during the assault on the

By Damien Leloup Posted today at 1:00 p.m., updated at 1:00 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationFacebook Files | Documents internal to the company, to which “Le Monde” had access, shed new light on the social network’s response to the attack on the headquarters of American democracy on January 6. It is noon in Washington, … Read more

From the Rhine to Lake Constance: beautiful boat trips in Eastern Switzerland

From the Rhine to Lake Constance beautiful boat trips in

Advertising: Contribution in collaboration with the Association of Swiss Shipping Companies From April to October, the 50-kilometer route from Schaffhausen up the Rhine to Kreuzlingen can be explored by boat. From there, an almost seamless change from one of the most beautiful river trips in Europe to the “Swabian Sea” is guaranteed. Far-reaching views over … Read more

Gdansk, Poland: Landmarks of the colorful city

Gdansk Poland Landmarks of the colorful city

(Contains advertising) Colorful houses, the Neptune Fountain or the largest brick church in Europe – you can find all of this in Gdańsk. In July 2021 I experienced many sights of the old Hanseatic city on the Polish Baltic Sea. During a German-speaking city tour, we walked around the right town for around three hours. … Read more

The new migrant caravan that left southern Mexico fears being repressed at any moment

Sujey de la Cruz García González is tired, but says she has enough strength left to keep going until she reaches the Mexican capital. “I waited four months in Tapachula and my papers were not resolved,” he tells Univision Noticias. “I come with my 9-year-old girl, another 16-year-old and a 9-month-old granddaughter and another niece. … Read more

Lingen with children: discoveries in the Emsland – family4travel

Lingen with children discoveries in the Emsland family4travel

[Reiseblogger-Kooperation] A city trip to Lingen with children? First I have to google where that is. But I already know: Such entrances often lead to the best trips ever! The small town in Emsland also gave us a really great time. Here is our experience report on the short vacation with toddlers and teenagers – … Read more

Graça Freitas admits that “everything is open”: “I don’t know if we’ll go back to the confinements”

Graca Freitas admits that everything is open I dont know

Thank you for being our subscriber. Don’t forget to subscribe to our exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Newsletter. For now, everything is still open. In an interview with Diário de Notícias, the Director-General of Health recalled that the coronavirus is “very new” and that it is still too early to say that the danger has passed. “We cannot … Read more