Valerie Domínguez’s advice to “have a happy and lasting marriage”

1664694249 Valerie Dominguezs advice to have a happy and lasting marriage

Valerie Domínguez and El Pollo published a tip to quickly eradicate the headache. Photo: Instagram @valeriedomi Everyone knows that the athlete’s son Juan David Echevarribetter known as ‘El Pollo Echeverri’ Y Valerie Dominguez It was not, as is mentioned in some Colombian homes, ‘an order from the stork’. The fruit of her love is one … Read more

The damage prevention protocol that Isabel Preysler has taught Tamara Falcó: 50 years preventing the scandal from “staining or splashing” her

1664692098 The damage prevention protocol that Isabel Preysler has taught Tamara

“It neither stained nor splashed me, but the intention was clear,” he declared. Isabel Preysler a Hello! on June 8, 1989, after Paloma Ruiz-Mateos attacked her by throwing a cake at her of sponge cake, cream and cream from the Mallorca pastry shop. The daughter of businessman José María Ruiz-Mateos He followed her down Calle … Read more

La historia de amor de Gwyneth Paltrow y Chris Martin: de la muerte que los unió a la separación que nadie entendió

Durante diez años, la actriz Gwyneth Paltrow y el músico Chris Martin, líder de Coldplay, estuvieron juntos (AP) En el año 2002 Gwyneth Paltrow vivía en Nueva York, tenía 30 años, un Oscar ganado a los 26, una belleza natural sofisticada, sus padres eran bastante famosos –Bruce Paltrow y Blythe Paltner– y Brad Pitt, su … Read more

A trans woman claims to be with Icardi, filters intimate chats and warns Wanda Nara

A trans woman claims to be with Icardi filters intimate

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi are on the lips of all ArgentinesWhat the famous figurines for which the government had to intervene in the country. Just a few days ago, the media influencer and television collaborator published a bomb message on social networks: “It is very painful for me to live this moment. But given … Read more

Let’s talk about how Mel C’s physique, 48, looks more toned now than in her time as Spice Girl

Lets talk about how Mel Cs physique 48 looks more

Just by writing the name of Mel C, many of you will already be humming the ‘Wannabe’ song. And it is that, regardless of being more or less a fan of the Spice Girls, we have all danced to his songs on more than one occasion. With greater or lesser intensity, true, but don’t lie … Read more

Did JLo distance herself from her dad because of Scientology? This is her relationship with David Lopez

Did JLo distance herself from her dad because of Scientology

For more than three decades, the actress of ‘Wedding Expert’ (which you can watch for free on ViX) He has had contact with Scientology, a religion that preaches that humans are immortal beings who have forgotten their true nature and, in order to learn its secrets, they must invest large amounts of money in their … Read more

King Carlos III, as rarely, is captured hugging his queen

King Carlos III as rarely is captured hugging his queen

British royalty is celebrating their new king charles iii and the queen consort Camila, of whom a recent portrait published by the Buckingham Palacewhere the monarch appears embracing his queen in a way that they described as informal. This photograph marked the beginning of his reign after the mourning period of the Royal family for … Read more

Kate and William’s nonverbal language reveals what their marriage is truly like

Kate and Williams nonverbal language reveals what their marriage is

After the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, much has been studied nonverbal language of the members of the royal family in order to know how stable their personal relationships are, such as, for example, the marriage of Meghan and Harry or Kate and William, who have just shown that despite the criticism and their little … Read more

Mauro Icardi arrived in Argentina to try to win back Wanda Nara

1664390901 Mauro Icardi made a striking post after his separation from

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi She announced her final separation. But he did not give up. And, as she was able to confirm teleshowthis Saturday Mauro Icardi arrived in Argentina to try to rebuild her marriage with Wanda Nara. The Galatasaray player traveled from Turkey and met the mother of his daughters, Francesca and isabella, … Read more

5 PHOTOS of Andrea García that show her resemblance to Andrés García, although the actor DENIES her

5 PHOTOS of Andrea Garcia that show her resemblance to

In recent weeks it has caused great concern Andres Garciabecause he has been in very poor health due to the liver cirrhosis he suffers, in addition to problems with his spinal cord, and has even gone so far as to say that he is in the last days of his life, however, the estrangement with … Read more