Climate: greenhouse gas concentrations at their highest in 2020

Climate greenhouse gas concentrations at their highest in 2020

Part of the Amazon rainforest, Brazil, in July 2021. AMANDA PEROBELLI / REUTERS Six days before the opening of COP26 in Glasgow, the United Nations (UN) issued a new alarming bulletin on Monday, October 25: greenhouse gas concentrations have again reached records in 2020, and the Amazon loses its capacity to absorb CO2. According to … Read more

Between computers, engineers and citizens, RTE teams have carried out unprecedented work

Between computers engineers and citizens RTE teams have carried out

Network supervision room at RTE, in Saint-Denis, February 26, 2018. GERARD JULIEN / AFP Calculations and their complexity called for new computers. The machines are located somewhere in France, in data centers kept secret, security issue. Monday, October 25 in the morning, Thomas Veyrenc is preparing to see at least two good years of work. … Read more

Electricity: between nuclear and renewable energies, six scenarios for 2050

Electricity between nuclear and renewable energies six scenarios for 2050

In the Chinon nuclear power plant (Indre-et-Loire), July 8, 2020. GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP It is an understatement to say that this work was expected, and that it will be commented on. The national manager of the Electricity Transmission Network (RTE) publishes, Monday, October 25, the main lessons of a vast study aimed at defining … Read more

Coca-Cola, world champion in plastic pollution

Coca Cola world champion in plastic pollution

Plastic bottles of Coca-Cola, compressed in a warehouse in the south of the city of Santiago (Chile), in August 2019. MARTIN BERNETTI / AFP Each year, the NGO Break Free From Plastic sends its volunteers to the four corners of the world to collect plastic waste that ends up everywhere (beaches, rivers, parks, forests, streets, … Read more

Container ship releases toxic gases off Victoria, Canada

Container ship releases toxic gases off Victoria Canada

View of “Zim Kingston”, October 23, 2021. JAY CURRIE / VIA REUTERS The Canadian Coast Guard announced, Sunday, October 24, to have found ” a discount “ flames aboard a Cypriot container ship whose fire resulted in the evacuation of sixteen crew members and since Saturday generated toxic gas off the Pacific coast between Canada … Read more

In Spain, the sea devours the Catalan coast

In Spain the sea devours the Catalan coast

“It’s a slow-motion tsunami, but it’s a tsunami, a wave that keeps getting bigger. ” Co-coordinator of the report “A coastline reaching its limits” published in early September, commissioned by the Spanish region of Catalonia to take stock of the state of the coast under the influence of climate change, Carles Ibanez is categorical. “For … Read more

Covid-19 in the world: Bulgaria submerged, rise of new cases in Germany

Covid 19 in the world Bulgaria submerged rise of new cases

Doctors treat a patient with Covid-19 in the intensive care unit of Pirogov Hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria, October 15, 2021. STOYAN NENOV / REUTERS Faced with the virulence of the Covid-19 epidemic which is hitting the country, Bulgaria is preparing to entrust its patients to other countries, the Ministry of Health announced on Saturday 23 … Read more

In Senegal, a toxic microalgae periodically poisons the coast

In Senegal a toxic microalgae periodically poisons the coast

By Théa Ollivier Posted today at 00:50 Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThe combined efforts of scientists, fishermen and surfers have made it possible to demonstrate that the seasonal flu which rages along the Dakar coast comes from a toxin released by a concentration of the microalgae “Ostreopsis cf. ovata ”. Sitting in front of the … Read more

Antoine Pelissolo: “Climate change can generate pre-traumatic stress, in anticipation of disaster”

Antoine Pelissolo Climate change can generate pre traumatic stress in anticipation

Professor Antoine Pelissolo is head of the psychiatry department at Henri-Mondor and Albert-Chenevier hospitals (AP-HP, Créteil). His latest work, Emotions of climate change (Flammarion, 220 pages, 19 euros), co-written with the psychiatric intern Célie Massini, explores the direct and indirect effects of global warming on mental health, and offers solutions to deal with them. Interview … Read more

Covid-19 in the world: Peru exceeds 200,000 dead

Covid 19 in the world Peru exceeds 200000 dead

A patient suffering from Covid-19, at the hospital in Sullana, in northern Peru, on October 19, 2021. ERNESTO BENAVIDES / AFP The course is as symbolic as it is impressive. Peru has passed the threshold of 200,000 deaths due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Peruvian Ministry of Health said on Friday (October 22). The novel … Read more