Celebrities speak out before the death of Fernando del Solar

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Kiss says goodbye to Barcelona with an apotheosis of pyrotechnics, makeup and rock

Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona), Jul 2 (EFE).- Between pyrotechnic explosions, unlikely flights above the public and tons of makeup and passion for hard rock, the legendary New York band Kiss has said goodbye forever to their Barcelona fans , at the closing of the Barcelona Rock Fest, one day before saying goodbye to Spain from the WiZink Center in Madrid. It has been two hours on a stage through which a repertoire of more than twenty hymns has been paraded, chanted at the top of their lungs by an audience surrendered to a band born in 1973, like an eccentric exaggeration of glam rock, and that, almost 50 years later, he has decided to retire with his prestige intact. The long-haired original quartet is still active Paul Stanley, vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the group, who at 70 years old retains his charisma at the same level as Gene Simmons, a “demon” two years older, who continues to stick out his reptilian tongue while pounding the bass and that spits blood in the performance that everyone expects. Addiction to drugs and alcohol dislodged the other two founders, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley, today replaced by drummer Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer on guitar. FLAMES, CHORDS AND THEATER A Kiss concert is a cocktail of circus acts -the fire, omnipresent-, painted faces -the makeup has barely endured the sweat-, minors on the shoulders of their parents and a cavalcade of historical refrains that are adhere to the brain: “Detroit Rock City”, “Shout it out loud”, “Deuce”, “I love it loud”, “Lick it up”… “You are going to go crazy tonight”, Stanley has warned the beginning of the sixth and last visit of the band to Barcelona. There is no song in which something does not happen, some gimmicky stimulus, some ‘kitsch’ trick, like the moment when Thayer has set off fireworks with the neck of his guitar, or when Singer and his drummer have been propelled into the sky with a crane. Simmons has climbed even higher – it has become clear that he does not suffer from vertigo – on a mobile platform that has raised him ten meters from the ground while “God of Thunder” was playing. But the one who has really flown has been Stanley, who, clinging to a zip line, has glided over thousands of heads to an island set up among the public, to sing “Love Gun” and “I was made for lovin’ you” . There is no metal concert without the roughest riffs giving way for a few minutes to a soft heavy ballad: Kiss has chosen their sweet “Beth” to give goosebumps to the unconditional fans, who had already shuddered with “Tears are falling”. “. And to close the show, between confetti, flares and deafening firecrackers, “Rock and roll all nite”: this was the last song performed by Kiss on a Barcelona stage. They say that they are leaving it for good, that “End of the road” is their last tour, that they want to “retire in time” before losing the spark. I hope it’s all lies. JUDAS PRIEST: ANOTHER MIRACLE WITHOUT EXPIRY Stanley, Simmons and company, old? It does not seem like a sufficient argument to retire: today in Barcelona they have coincided with a myth as long-lived as they are, another seventy-year-old, the Englishman Rob Halford, the sacred bald head from Judas Priest. Halford has been uncorking the best songs of his endless harvest, from a Gran Reserva like “Victim of changes” to his sharp voice like a knife in “Painkiller”, from the catchy “You’ve got another thing comin'”, “Turbo lover”, “Breaking the law” and “Living after midnight” to the withering “Freewheel burning”. MEGADETH, A LUXURY APPETIZER Just before Halford began to inflate his lungs on one of the three stages of the Barcelona Rock Fest, Dave Mustaine, the soul of Megadeth, who has an unforgettable link with Judas Priest, had strummed his guitar: when he was a teenager , his brother-in-law -not very fond of rock- caught him listening to a record by the band from Birmingham and punched him in the face. At 60 years old, Mustaine has already spent thousands of nights taking revenge on his brother-in-law with an inexhaustible repertoire of thrash and heavy metal classics, like the ones he offered this Friday, starting with “Hangar 18” and finishing his hour of performance with a flurry of hits: “Symphony of Destruction”, “Mechanix”, “Peace Sells” and “Holy wars… The Punishment due”. By the way, the punch he received from his brother-in-law would probably have been something he would have liked to have given to several of the Judas Priest technical team when, on the adjacent stage, they began to do sound checks and forced Mustaine to interrupt, between profanities, his performance. After leaving behind two years of cancellations due to the pandemic, the Barcelona Rock Fest finally unplugs the speakers after three days of metal worship in the Can Zam park. Roger Mateos (c) Agencia EFE

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Celebrities speak out before the death of Fernando del Solar

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