Chantal Andere defended Angélica Rivera from Cynthia Klitbo: “I would never talk about a friend”

The actress assured that she will not talk about “La Gaviota”, as Cynthia Klitbo did (Photos: Instagram/@chanandare/@sofia_96castro/@laklitbocynthia)

After some controversial statements in which Cynthia Klitbo confessed several secrets of the marriage they held Angelica Rivera Y Enrique Pena Nieto during his presidential term -he was president of Mexico from December 1, 2012 until November 30, 2018-, which Sophia Castro come out in defense of Seagullis now Chantal Andere who thinks about the great controversy that there is with her friend.

With more than 30 years of relationship, the daughter of Jacqueline Andere was questioned by various media about the scandal caused by the confessions of the television villain about the relationship of the former presidential couple, for which she reiterated that she will never talk about her friends and although she said that she respects what everyone thinks when is interviewed, she understands the reaction of the daughter of Seagull with Jose Alberto The Guero Castro.

I will never talk about the private lives of my friendsnever, under any circumstances. When you ask someone a question, that other someone has every right to answer. In my case, very personal, I would never talk about a friend, never. When they talk about our children or our mothers, well, if we don’t think so, we comment on it, “the actress began to relate.

Andere and Rivera worked on "distilling love" Photo: Instagram/@chanaandere
Andere and Rivera worked on “Destilando Amor” Photo: Instagram/@chanaandere

Regarding Cynthia Klitbo’s comments in which she claimed to be a witness to Angélica Rivera’s suffering during Enrique Peña Nieto’s presidential term, in which he was possibly unfaithful to her, the soap opera actress such as The Usurper, My Fortune Is To Love You -last telenovela Carmen Salinas– Y distilling love -production in which he worked with Seagull and so far it is his last melodrama- he added:

“I wouldn’t… me, but everyone has the right. You can ask anyone what you want, and they have the right to answer you or not, I had already told them a long time ago that I was never going to talk about her. That stays among my friends and I, everyone has their right to give their opinion and say what they like”, he expressed.

Regarding the alleged attacks she suffered for being Rivera’s friend and maintaining a close relationship with the former first lady of Mexico, the actress assured that being discreet about each person’s private life was a great tool that helped her to ensure that nothing exceeded her capacity. to withstand media attacks.

Cynthia Klitbo offers an apology to Angélica Rivera Photo: Special Infobae
Cynthia Klitbo offers an apology to Angélica Rivera Photo: Special Infobae

“The truth is that no, because I don’t expose my life much with her either. Everyone knew that Angelica has been my friend for 30 years and suddenly her life took a turn and she was in a place where she belonged. That for the public, for you (press), was not new, so I never had any problem. There will be people who say ‘oops, how bad they get along!’, I don’t care, ”she stressed.

After the great rumors that mention various theories of what Angélica Rivera’s return to public life would be like, where there is talk from a new great soap opera by Televisa even a bioseries for a streaming platform like Netflix, Andere expressed his desire that Angélica Rivera return to work on television. “I’m one of those who is always telling him, he’s coming back to do something, yes, I hope he does it very soon”.

In past days Sofía Castro came to her defense and exploded against the actress who recorded the telenovela with her mother The ownerfor Televisa in 1995:

Sofía Castro defended her mother (Photo: Instagram/@sofia_96castro)
Sofía Castro defended her mother (Photo: Instagram/@sofia_96castro)

“To me, the truth, That interview bothered me a bit because I think nobody has a reason to talk, it’s not that it bothered me, but it just seemed a bit out of place because I I don’t even talk about my mom’s private lifenor of what she is going to do, nor of her plans for the future”, said Sofía during her meeting with reporters at a fashion event.


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Chantal Andere defended Angélica Rivera from Cynthia Klitbo: “I would never talk about a friend”

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