Charlene de Monaco’s face kissing Prince Albert highlights the state of her marriage

Despite the fact that they have tried to give an image of a solid and united marriage. even the simplest Charlene de Monaco’s gesture shows what she really feels when she is with her husband, Prince Albert, and just one photo is enough to show. Recently, the couple was caught kissing, but far from looking like a romantic act, the princess seemed to suffer from it.

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Charlene from Monaco and Alberto make their first trip abroad

The Princess of Monaco and Albert II They have embarked on their first trip abroad as a family since Charlene’s return to the principality. The couple traveled with their children to Norway to celebrate the centenary of the death of the first Prince Albert. Prince Haakon was the one who received the marriage and gave her former swimmer a warm kiss on the hand to make her feel welcome.

The kiss between Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert. Photo: Instagram

The controversial photo of the kiss between Charlene de Monaco and Prince Albert

Upon arrival, the royal couple was captured by some media, who managed to take a photo of the couple kissing, an unusual scene within the monarchy of Monaco. So some have believed that the kiss could have been acted or premeditatedthis to put an end to the rumors that revolve around the divorce of the marriage.

However, despite the media efforts they are making to improve the image of their marriage. In social networks it has not been possible to go unnoticed ‘face of pain’ that the princess put when kissing her husband or is it perhaps a very strange grimace of passion?

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Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert
Visit to Oslo of the princes of Monaco. Photo: Instagram

Charlene faces serious mental health issues

The truth is that on more than one occasion the princess Charlene She has been caught by the non-verbal communication specialists, who study each of her gestures, and have discovered how uncomfortable and sad the princess has been since she returned. A condition from which he himself Albert of Monaco He spoke when he assured that the former swimmer’s ailments were not only physical; but also mental and emotional.

The Royal Family of Norway and Monaco
The royal family of Norway and Monaco. Photo: Royal House of Norway

The princess’s mental health problems have forced her to spend several months in a clinic in Switzerland, from which she hastily returned when rumors of alleged lovers and divorces began to haunt Monaco. Since then, Charlene she lives in a house on the edge of the principality and not in the palace with her children and husband. Some believe that Princess Stephanie of Monaco has been the one who has placed her sister-in-law in that place in order to exclude her from it.

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Charlene de Monaco’s face kissing Prince Albert highlights the state of her marriage

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