Charlene from Monaco did not see this weighty enemy coming

Charlene would be removed from the throne of the principality by her sister-in-law Carolina de Monaco (Photo by PascalÊLeÊSegretain / SC Pool – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images)

Princess Charlene of Monaco has so many open fronts on a personal level that perhaps she has not had time to look at her husband’s closest environment, Albert II, finding possible enemies.

After so many months of illness, several interventions, her confinement in a clinic to heal physically and mentally and her return to Monaco, it seemed that Charlene was ready to continue with her busy ‘royal’ schedule and to resume her family and public life.

However, nothing could be further from the truth since, a few days ago, we told you that it has been made public that Alberto de Monaco and she would have signed a contract by which Charlene will continue to attend some outstanding events of the principality in exchange for a succulent sum of money, no less than 12 million euros per year.

Of course, the alleged agreement does not prevent her from living outside Monaco (it is rumored that she will live in Switzerland away from her husband and children), giving custody of her two little ones to the prince and having to attend public events in which your presence is required.

This scenario is quite bleak given that, if this information is true, we are talking about a broken family and a woman who, in exchange for money, works as a paripé to continue representing the Monegasque people.

Well, although Alberto may go through the hoop in order not to experience more media scandals, given that he has always denied any marital crisis, it does not mean that his relatives also swallow this alleged theater.

Thus, the European press assures that Carolina de Monaco does not plan to put up with this situation even if there is a possible millionaire contract involved and prefers to keep Charlene well away from the Royal House, according to ‘The Spanish‘.

Carolina would now assume the role of “evil” sister-in-law and according to the aforementioned media, she is the one who would have led (with the approval of her brother Alberto) to move Charlene away from the Palace by taking her to Roc Agel, the summer residence of the Grimaldi which is already on the border with France.

Not only that, but next year (imagine how planned they have everything!) Rainier’s 100th anniversary will be celebrated and the person who will act as First Lady in the outstanding event will be Carolina and not Charlene, which if it is true, no It would make too much sense with the millionaire they would be paying him.

There are many things that do not add up, the main one is why Charlene does not get a divorce and end all this if she is so unhappy, the second is how Alberto agrees to pay her all that money for attending events if the town is aware of all this and the third is that if her sister-in-law Carolina de Monaco wants to take her away from the Royal House, instead of sending her on vacation (which Charlene will be delighted for sure), she does not advise her brother to end this relationship.

The strongest of all is published by italia magazine ‘oggi‘ which ensures that Carolina and Alberto have an agreement by which if he dies before Charlene (which is likely because he has been the eldest of the two for 20 years), control of the Principality will pass to Carolina and not to Charlene in any case.

There are many theories and hypotheses but the truth is that Alberto has spoken saying that everything is going great and Charlene is still mired in that silence now clouded by a frozen smile like the one she has shown in her last public acts after returning to Monaco.

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Charlene from Monaco did not see this weighty enemy coming

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