Chenoa continues with her lifestyle while her father “starves”

Chenoa has not responded to her father who asks her for €100 a month for food (Photo by Aldara Zarraoa/Getty Images)

Since leaving the first edition of the successful talent show ‘Operación Triunfo’, Chenoa has not stopped achieving success at a professional level, but there is a personal thorn that she cannot get rid of.

The artist lives one of the best moments of her life and that is that, taking stock, she can be very proud of herself and all her achievements. Since that distant October 2001 when Laura Corradini became Chenoa for all of Spain, it has rained a lot but there are things that do not change.

Chenoa went from anonymity to national fame, from being David Bisbal’s girlfriend to mourning his absence publicly and from having a relationship with his father, José Carlos Corradini, to not having it. The artist and her parent have not spoken to her for more than 20 years and it is not the first time that he asks her for help and she ignores him.

Chenoa’s biological father has launched a desperate cry for help to his daughter through ‘Socialité’, the Telecinco program. José Carlos assures that he does not have enough to eat and that he asks his daughter, for charity, to make him a tiny monthly income to continue surviving in Argentina.

In his words: “My daughter knows perfectly well that she has a biological father in Argentina who is starving”. Corradini asks his daughter Laura for 100 euros a month and assures that: “That money would be enough, which is a heel of any shoe the lady has, because the shoes she wears are worth more than 400 or 500 euros each pair. I don’t understand how she can be satisfied with what she is doing.

In turn, José Carlos launches a reproach and assures that, if it were in his hands, he would take Chenoa’s last name “tomorrow” which, to be honest, is not very intelligent if he is asking for money in turn.

Chenoa is no longer moved by her father and it seems that she has no intention of helping him now that everything is going well for her and she has just married a renowned urologist. Already in 2019, before her wedding to which José Carlos was not invited, he told the press that he was going to write a book about her paternity and Chenoa replied that the matter was already in the hands of the lawyers. her.

Corradini father then said: I believe that the ‘threats’ are to scare me and to shut me up, nothing more. You can’t sue a father for saying who his biological daughter is. I recognized Laurita and her brother Sebastián from her from the first moment of their lives. In the interview there is no reason for my daughter’s lawyers to sue me for defamation.”

Regarding her daughter’s personal life, she commented that: “I don’t know, the only thing I wish her is that she be very happy with her partner, that she have a good in-laws, like her future husband, who is a very professional important in medicine. Perhaps, over time, Laurita will remember a Spanish saying: ‘You are a son, you will be a father, they will do what you do with you’. I am very calm and with a very healthy conscience”.

I think that this is precisely the problem with José Carlos’s speech, on the one hand he asks for money from a daughter whom he does not know, because really in 20 years without a relationship Laura is already another person and, on the other hand, he always drops that warning or that reproach that stains his speech of necessity and conciliation.

I understand that for Chenoa €100 a month is nothing more than crumbs due to her purchasing power, but why does she have to help the man who publicly attacks her? Just because it carries his blood? I think not, but the last word will be the artist.

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Chenoa continues with her lifestyle while her father “starves”

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