China Suárez could not start a motorcycle and Joaquín Furriel shared it: “We are all making strength”

China Suárez and Joaquín Furriel relaxed during their filming in Uruguay (Video: Instagram)

since a few days, Eugenia The China Suarez is installed in Montevideo, Uruguay, where she traveled to shoot a film that she will star alongside Joaquin Furriel. In social networks, the actors are very complicit both in the downtime of filming and in the action itself and, in the last hours, they showed a comedy step motivated by a broken motorcycle.

Come with me to see a story of frustration of a person with the moon in Taurus. I am outraged”, said China with a motorcycle helmet on her head, in the first of a series of Instagram Stories that she published on her profile. In the next one, you could see a short video that Furriel published and in which she ravished her partner, in addition to adding the hashtag #Perseverancewhich alluded to the infinite attempts of the current couple of rushing trying to start an old motorcycle, but without success.

It doesn’t go down, now it’s stuck”, said the actress. Meanwhile, in the background she was listening to a technician explaining: “We have to have momentum for it to start.” Eugenia insisted and insisted on starting the motorcycle, but nothing. “He wants to give everything, we have to see if he can do it. I want him to achieve it, we are here wishing for it. Even the fishermen from the harbor are coming. We are all making force, but no. That’s the face of frustration”, said Furriel, while Eugenia laughed.

China Suárez and Joaquín Furriel, amused during the filming that they are sharing in Uruguay

In turn, the actress wrote “frustrated”, on the original video published by Joaquín and that she shared on her profile. “At least I try”, he had added. “I want to clarify in my favor that the bike did not start with anyone due to a technical problem. And I, obtuse, I thought I could”, China closed.

Regarding this trip by Suárez to Uruguay, it had been said that she would also be accompanied by her boyfriend, although at the moment the actress was shown alone in the company of her three children: Rufinaas a result of his relationship with Nicholas CabreY Magnolia Y Amancioof your partner with Benjamin Vicuna.

Finish filming early. my best plan”, wrote the former Teen Angels days ago to accompany a video that she shared this Friday in her Instagram stories, where she was seen relaxing in bed with the boys who watched television calmly and in silence.

China Suárez uploaded a video in bed with her children in Uruguay

But, evidently, after many of his followers made comments to him in relation to how well the little ones behaved, the China decided to upload another recording in which the reality of the situation was seen as she recounted: “No, guys, they are not saints. Clearly, I recorded the story at the only time they were still, because I couldn’t believe it… Now they don’t shake hands to record.”

In parallel, the actress will be making her debut in the coming months when the release of Objectsthe film he recorded in Madrid with Alvaro Mortethe Spanish actor who stood at the foot of The teacher in the hit series The Money Heist. In the midst of their activities, the China He surprised himself with an image of himself on the shelves of a supermarket and wrote: “The first thing I do when I arrive in Uruguay”. In the photo, she is seen having a chocolate drink, while she is wearing a synthetic coat and sunglasses.


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China Suárez could not start a motorcycle and Joaquín Furriel shared it: “We are all making strength”

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