China Suárez’s reaction to Rusherking’s public declaration of love

The actress reacted with a romantic post on her Instagram account

Saturday night rushing was invited in PH, we can talk, and when Andy Kusnetzoff asked those who are passing by to come to the meeting point a good time in loveHe stepped forward confidently. The ragpicker from Santiago del Estero stars in one of the romances of the moment with Eugenia The China SuarezY surprised to tell in detail how they met. The reaction of the actress was not long in coming through social networks.

Until now, there was only evidence of a red-handed dance at the after party for the delivery of the Martin Fierro, a lunch at her house and his birthday party. But until the cameras of THE M they found them in a hotel in Recoleta, in a night of love that ended in accident -with the two cars, the one from China and the one from rusherhauled by crane-, nothing labeled the relationship more than an incipient courtship. The singer put an end to all speculation and made the relationship official: “I am very much in love and very well with someone. It’s really been a long time since I felt like this”.

Then he gave his own name to the reason for his happiness: “China tells me Thomas”. He also elaborated on how he met the ex Almost angels: “We met at a party, We were looking at each other all night, and I didn’t know whether to approach or not. I do not like to go beyond anything, but we had already chatted before, “she said, and then clarified that she was not talking about the Martín Fierro 2022 after party where they were caught kissing, but about a previous outing where they coincided.

China Suárez published the first photo with Rusherking after her declaration of love in PH
China Suárez published the first photo with Rusherking after her declaration of love in PH

“We spent the whole night exchanging glances at that party, then we talked and then I went to Madrid. I saw her there, we were in Madrid and then I came back to Argentina and we met here too”, he said, without giving dates or more details. “We are getting to know each other and I am enjoying that process, I am very much in love.”. Twenty minutes after his statements in the Telefe cycle that is in its sixth season, China reacted in his stories.

The actress published the first photo with her partner: a black and white postcard where they are seen hugging and bundled up in winter jackets. The ragpicker not only saw his post, but also reposted it on his Instagram account. Around 10 p.m., shortly before the start of PH, both shared videos and photos with a campfire in the background, very similar in both images, so the version emerged on the networks that they possibly met to see the cycle together, to knowing that the musician was going to tell his love story.

About the media exposure, Rusherking had told: “I was born and lived in Santiago del Estero, I have a low profile, and the truth is that I am strong and it is still strong because I came here there were about four cameras waiting for me. At first I had a hard time, and I’m adapting. I have a very good team luckily and friends who help me”. And part of this reality also includes his family, whom he tries to keep safe: “What I tell my parents is not to believe any bullshit they see on TV,” he summarized. And when they ask him, he speaks wonders of his daughter-in-law: “I tell you that for me Eugenia is a great person, that she takes great care of me and I like how she is. She really makes me fall in love”


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China Suárez’s reaction to Rusherking’s public declaration of love

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