China Suárez’s sharp response to L-Ghent about her musical career: “I sang before you were born”

L-Gante was surprised to hear that China Suárez launched herself alone and she responded on Twitter

Elian Valenzuela returned to Argentina after his family vacation in Europe, and several cell phones were waiting for him at the Ezeiza airport, in addition to his fans. Relaxed and happy for the affection with which he is always received, L-Ghent answered all the questions of the chronicler of show partners (The thirteen). during the talk made a comment about throwing of Eugenia The China Suarez as solo singer that did not go unnoticed, and the former Almost angels he replied with a strong message on social networks.

After telling that he was able to go for a walk in the center of Madrid with his partner, Tamara Baéz, and his daughter Jamaica, the creator of Cumbia 420 stressed that he has an excellent relationship with Tini Stoessel, after the rumors about his participation in the show of the Hippodrome of Palermo. “China Suárez is launching as a soloist, are there any chances of a collaboration?”, they consulted him. With some surprise, he replied: “Uh! China Suarez! What? Is she singing?.

The chronicler referred to “The Game of Love”the duet of the also actress with the Cordovan artist Santiago Celly, which was released at the end of April. On Twitter, the comments focused on the singer’s reaction when she was asked about a possible feat of her with China, and she herself took it upon herself to put an end to it with a post addressed to the 22-year-old.

China Suárez’s message for L-Ghent, after she was surprised to hear that she released a musical theme

“Dear ‘lgante’ when you weren’t born, I already sang”, he sentenced in a tweet. And he added: “I think you talked to the fart, I still re-dance your songs. Best regards”, shot alongside a gif of a child blowing a kiss. She also gave him a like to the message of one of her followers, who opined: “They are cruel, they are going to ask anyone what they think of what Eugenia does or does not do? Mommy!”

It should be added that the musician also gave his opinion on the courtship of Suárez and Rusherkingrecently made official after the ragpicker’s declaration of love when he was invited on Saturday at P: can we talk (Telephone). “I am very much in love and very well with someone. It’s really been a long time since I felt like this”, confessed the singer with some shyness. “What madness! They re-engaged him”said Elián with a smile in reference to the video of the after party of the Martín Fierro 2022 where the couple was seen kissing. And she assured: “You have to do it right, but behave badly.”

After María Becerra’s ex-boyfriend assumed in front of everyone that he is completely in love with the former Casi Ángeles, China He shared the first photo of both caramelized on his networks. Their names were positioned in the trends of the little bird’s social network and one of the biggest criticisms was the age difference, due to the eight years that separate them. However, they both fired back on Twitter and were adamant about expressing their happiness at the budding romance that began after that crush at a party.

“Live how you want. They’re going to break their balls just the same. Happy Sunday”, wrote the actress. For his part, the young man from Santiago del Estero maintained: “Who do people think they are to say who can be with whom, be happy and stop breaking the eggs. So good to see all my friends happy!”


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China Suárez’s sharp response to L-Ghent about her musical career: “I sang before you were born”

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