Chiquis Rivera tattoos her lips and ends up with a super inflamed mouth

the singer of regional mexican, Chiquis Rivera, got tattooed the lips and ended up with a super inflamed mouth due to a warning not to be given. own Queen bee showed on Instagram how they were seen before and after the aesthetic treatment for which she wanted to add color to her lips.

“I have to tell you something. Yesterday I did a lip blushthey basically tattooed my lips with a dye to make them a little redder and name’ I think because I drank a lot on Sunday (the girl hadn’t told me I can’t drink) my mouth got so big“Immediately afterwards he mounted the story in your account Instagram where was seen with very red lips and very swollen mouth.

It is already known that the Queen bee he is very fit and not even for have tattooed their lips you will move away from your goal. He keeps training hard. Chiquis Rivera went to an event where he wore a low cut red dress and in which she was accompanied by her love for a year, emilio sanchez. The daughter of Jenni Rivera She has given an impressive turn to her figure and she feels much slimmer.

In fact, the weekend Chiquis Rivera rose to sing with something that sometime he confessed to his friend Jomari Goyso does not dare to do, wear jean cheeks to sing. But the Queen bee Not only has she gone on a diet and changed her exercise routine, but she is delighted to play sports with her boyfriend. Mountain biking and hiking have been added to the activities carried out by the beautiful singer of Mexican origin.

Chiquis Rivera he is supporting his sister Jacque Riverawho is the new executor of the company Jenni Rivera. In record time they have in hand important achievements such as recognitions that they have already given to The diva of the band. It is known that in BillBoard Latin Music Awards 2022 there will also be more surprises for their fans. This without mentioning the star that will have in the Hollywood walk of fame.

For now we leave them Chiquis Rivera’s Queen Bee video that bears the same name as her recent album and with which she clearly leaves no doubt that she inherited several of the gifts of the deceased and forever remembered Jenny Rivera.

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Chiquis Rivera tattoos her lips and ends up with a super inflamed mouth

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