Christian Nodal and Lupillo Rivera, will they have a musical collaboration?

In recent years there was much mention of an alleged feud between Y due to past . However, this would only be gossip from that time and now, that the interpreter of “We are not and will not be anymore” ended his commitment to the green-eyed woman, it is believed that there could be a collaboration between the two.

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A few months ago, a possible rapprochement between the two singers would have been almost impossible to mention, but everything is possible in this life and these rumors have begun to gain strength after the Lupillo Rivero has released some words that have left several with their mouths open and somewhat hopeful.

The Mexican singer talked about a possible collaboration with Christian Nodal (Photo: Lupillo Rivera / Instagram)


During an interview with the program ‘Chismorreo’, Lupillo Rivera he touched on the topic of breaking up Nodal with Belindawho is also his ex-partner, and made it clear that he has no problem with the 23-year-old singer.

As if that were not enough, he assured that he would like to do some collaboration with him if such a project were presented, causing the fans of the two to get a little excited, because for a long time there was talk of a dispute between them.

“Yes, one day that project will be presented, with great pleasure. I trust myself a lot, I am very confident in myself, with my talent and to do what I want with anyone “Rivera commented.

Of course, it is only a possibility at the moment and it will depend on both celebrities or their record companies if they choose to get together and release a musical theme that could get millions of views and downloads on digital platforms.

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Because it hasn’t been long since Y ended their relationship, the media continue to search for them to find out more details of that breakup, which can generate some discomfort in both of them.

Lupillo Rivera has experienced the same thing when he also ended up with the blonde, so he decided to give the young regional singer some advice.

“All of us artists go through the same battles and the same questions from the press, so we just have to know how to ride them and we move on”he indicated.

Belinda and Christian Nodal announced their breakup in February of this year (Photo: People en Español / Instagram)
Belinda and Christian Nodal announced their breakup in February of this year (Photo: People en Español / Instagram)


According to the journalist in a live video made on his Facebook account, the relationship between the singers ended because of Christy Nodal, mother of the 23-year-old. Although it was known that the matriarch of the Nodal family and her daughter-in-law were very close, some economic details would not have been to her liking, which is why she changed her attitude towards him. Belinda.

“Nodal began regulating expensive bags, coats, paying Belinda’s employees and others and they went to Barcelona for three or four months and Belinda with a staff of five people. So Who do you think paid Belinda’s staff? Who do you think she paid for Belinda’s car in Barcelona? Who do you think she paid for the hotel, the house, the car? node, all. He wouldn’t let Belinda take a euro out of her bag. She did not allow it ”, the driver said.

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Christian Nodal and Lupillo Rivera, will they have a musical collaboration?

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