Claudia Martín responds to being questioned about Maite Perroni’s alleged pregnancy and they applaud her

Claudia Martín responds to being questioned about Maite Perroni’s alleged pregnancy and they applaud her then again the actress of “The rich also cry” He taught maturity by confirming that his past does not overshadow his future.

It was on June 1, 2021 when the television producer Andrés Tovar confirmed his separation from Claudia Martín and later, their divorce was celebrated. Although the process was hard for the actress of “Without your gaze” and “Fire Ardiente”particularly after the producer soon began a relationship with Maite Perroni, claudia martin he stayed on the sidelines and focused on his professional commitments.

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Today, days after a magazine pointed out that Maite Perroni and Andres Tovar expecting a baby, the actress was questioned about the issue, since before their separation she and the producer had talked about their desire to be parents. claudia martin he simply emphasized:

“I live from what I live, my present living here and now, I don’t look back anymore, what for?”

Yes ok, Maite Perroni’s PR denied that the actress was in the sweet wait, claudia martin confirmed with her statements that the issue of her ex-husband and her new partner was something she neither thought nor was interested in, putting an end to the story that had her in the eye of the hurricane.

Claudia Martín, lucky in love and professionally

After finishing the recordings of “Rich people cry too” and become one of the most watched telenovelas in the world. Stars channel, claudia martin has confirmed that she is a protagonist worthy of admiration and celebration.

After enjoying a few days with his family and boyfriend, the actor Hugo Catalan, claudia martin He has indicated that he is already preparing several surprises for his followers, so in recent days he was seen as most excited with a mysterious photo shoot where he looked most elegant.

For now, Claudia Martín wastes self-esteem, self-confidence and confidence in her partnerinspiring her followers not to give up after the change of plans that life presented her with her marriage. The actress has pointed out that she and Hugo Catalán have not talked about a weddingwho for now simply enjoy their relationship and will see later what happens, but would not hesitate to annul his previous religious marriage if they decide to take this step.

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Claudia Martín responds to being questioned about Maite Perroni’s alleged pregnancy and they applaud her

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