Consuelo Duval: the toxicity with her partners is due to the fact that her most toxic relationship is with herself

Consuelo Duval: the toxicity with her partners is because her most toxic relationship is with herself. The actress and host was honest in “Netas Divinas” and spoke of the failure of her three marriages, stating that her actions influenced them because she generated a harmful environment.

The episode was called “Toxic Relationships”, which gave rise to the divine nets talking about their former partners, but also about their most toxic trait. Due to this, Consuelo Duval was honest and expressed that the time she was in Argentina for work reasons helped her to be alone and analyze herself in general.

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In that time, he came to the conclusion that his biggest problem when he is in a relationship it is that he transforms into another person and has toxic attitudes because in that way it encourages people to show her how much they love her. In fact, he acknowledged that when he talked about her former partners he was referring to them disparagingly, but he realized that “they were teachers of life.”

“What I discovered in Argentina is that I don’t hate them, I hate myself in them. Because nothing that happens in my three relationships was without my permission. Y the toxic relationship was with me because I didn’t feel worthy of a beautiful love and she only knew how to navigate toxic relationships,” said Consuelo Duval, who added that she is not ready to have a new relationship, although her last divorce was in 2012, that is, 10 years ago.

“I was in the process of being alone, getting to know myself. I felt like in a school of life and I’m not ready to love someone yet because someone still loves me and I wake up to this ‘thank you for loving me and I’m about to get my wallet out’ part. And it’s not, until you’re ready and not to pay for love, “said the comedian.

The host of “Netas Divinas” explained that much of this problem stems from a simple reason: the most toxic relationship she has had and to date has, is with herself because he doesn’t have a correct concept of love, so it’s something he’s working on.

“It was a toxicity that I caused because it was the only thing I knew how to handle, beautiful love did not understand it. And if there was beautiful love, I paid for it because I felt undeserving”, admitted Consuelo Duval. “Discovering me, for example: the father of my children, when he told him to leave the house, he cried and told me that he loved me, not to run him away. Y It was the only moment that I felt love, so I told him “get out of my house‘”.

Despite this, the actress quoted a phrase that, with more or less words, is summed up in that love is worth it, since “Being afraid of love, it’s worse than having your heart completely broken” because in this way people do not give themselves the opportunity to feel and be alive.

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Consuelo Duval: the toxicity with her partners is due to the fact that her most toxic relationship is with herself

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