“Damn crippled”: Itatí Cantoral’s reaction when he learned that Fabiola Guajardo would play Soraya

The actress revealed that her antagonist has been quite a challenge and confessed that although the comparisons have not been lacking, she has the support and validation of her predecessor.

Itatí Cantoral’s reaction

In a recent interview with Las Estrellas, Guajardo recounted how Itatí Cantoral reacted when they met and had the opportunity to talk about the character that marked his artistic career.

“I had not had the opportunity to talk to her and months later I went to see her at the theater, I went with her, I greeted her and the first thing she said to me was: ‘ damn cripple tell me how you are, how glad you were the one who stayed with the character, I knew that nobody better than you‘” he recalled.

Fabiola Guajardo, 35, revealed that during their meeting Itatí confessed to her that she had not yet seen her interpretation, however, she approved that it was she who took the “baton”.

“Then I am very pleased that she likes that I have done it and that she passes me the baton of her beloved character, so remembered. We were talking because she had not seen anything either and did not know what changes she had, it was very funny, the truth is that I love Itatí very much“, he added.

How has the public received the new Soraya Montenegro?

The antagonist of the story that premiered in Mexico in February 2022, and which stars Claudia Martín and Sebastián Rulli, said that she has received good reviews from the public, since she is fulfilling her goal of being hated and loved as every villain interpreter wants to be. .

“I am super happy with the result it has had, of course as a villain you want them to hate you, but at the same time they love you, so that is being achieved. The comments I have literally received are ‘I hate you, I love you’ and ‘I feel a lot of empathy for Soraya’. It was what we wanted, although it was a great challenge because he was a character that people compare a lot. “

“It’s flattering that they compare this character and compare me with Itatí Cantoral who is a great actress, and also the character that Rocío Banquells played at the time. She’s the same character, the same DNA, and so we had this challenge to bring out a different Soraya.”

The actress of melodramas such as ‘Pasión y poder’ and ‘Falling in love with Ramón’ shared that in the new production by Carlos Bardasano she has had total freedom to interpret the iconic character and that she has been able to put her personal stamp on it.

“Obviously he handles the same phrases, but at the same time I was given the freedom to create my own Soraya That was what attracted me a lot and that’s what we like as actresses, we limit ourselves to making ourselves a copied character. They left me the total freedom of the paper, to do what I wanted and the challenge was that, that people liked it and I am very happy, “she concluded.

Itatí Cantoral and Fabiola Guajardo have a “brotherhood” relationship

Fabiola Gujardo and Itatí Cantoral shared the stage in the play ‘Fatal Attraction’ and everything indicates that they had very good chemistry, since now they are friends.

Cantoral knows the way the young actress works, so from the beginning she trusted that she would have a good performance in the new version of the classic in which she participated together with Thalía and Fernando Colunga.

It was in mid-December 2021 that Itatí Cantoral expressed what he thinks about another actress playing the remembered villain.

“I know she’s doing it and she’s going to do it wonderfully. She’s an incredible actress. And what a body and what a professional. She’s a wonderful actress. I’m happy that she plays her,” she said in an interview presented by the program “First Class hand’.

On March 22, Fabiola Guajaro and Itatí Cantoral shared images of the meeting on their respective Instagram accounts in which they were able to chat about Soraya. The actresses appeared very funny and showed that in addition to sharing the character, they have a “sisterhood” relationship.

At the bottom of the publication of the actress of Amores con Trampa, the text is read: “My beautiful little sister, the new Soraya Montenegro”, a comment to which the interpreter of Passion and power responded with “I adore you ‘queen'”.

For her part, Fabiola Guajardo wrote: “Soraya 1995 – Soraya 2022. That is not the same, but it is the same.”

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“Damn crippled”: Itatí Cantoral’s reaction when he learned that Fabiola Guajardo would play Soraya

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