Daniella Álvarez tells how she is doing with the injuries that do not allow her to walk

Colombian presenter Daniela Álvarez.

the fight of Danielle Alvarez, after part of his left leg was amputated in June 2020, has become an example of improvement for the country. However, in the midst of her recovery, the presenter has had to face other difficult moments.

For example, A little over a month ago, he announced that he would not be able to walk for a while, due to some sores that appeared on his right foot.on account of the effort to which he has had to submit.

“My loves, from so much walking I got this sore on my only foot. Since I don’t have sensitivity, I didn’t find out until I saw the bloody sheets and floor, “he wrote, after also announcing that he would not be part of the new season of ‘Challenge: The Box’ for these reasons.

Now, weeks after this news that worried his followers, Daniella Álvarez gave new details about her recovery process and Note that it is progressing satisfactorily.

“My sore is finally closed, I only have a little left for the skin to be super strong, to be able to support myself and get up (…) As you can see, the skin is very nice, it’s already pink, but there is a point where I got a hole more and it is necessary to heal better, to be able to support and make sure that this skin is not going to rise again, ”said the former beauty queen through a video she posted on Instagram, while showing the soles of her feet and the sores that had formed there.

In the same way, he took advantage of the moment to tell his followers that another of the biggest difficulties he has now is putting the shoes on his prosthesis. Which is why you should wear a larger size than before.

“There are several things that I now have to take into account: the first thing is that all the shoes are no longer 39, but size 40, to make it easier to get into my prosthetic foot. The second thing is that I should always have stockings to make it easier to enter. And lastly, I know that I can’t wear heels again, because I feel that the alignment of my prosthesis changes and that I go forward, “added Álvarez.

Finally, he pointed out that from this little up and down in his recovery process he also learned valuable lessons. Among those learnings, patience stood out, since for her it is not easy.

In addition, he thanked his partner, the actor Daniel Arenasfor his support and love in this whole situation, because even though he still can’t walk, he continues to plan outings with her.

“It is a daily training for my mind to make it stronger and stronger in any circumstance, especially putting it in the place it should be: in the positive, in happiness, in love, in the life that is only one and has given me this second chance (…) What a fortune to have a man who carries me without getting tired and who happily takes me for a walk!” he concluded.

It should be remembered that Daniella Álvarez had to amputate part of her leg after a complication in an operation on her abdomen caused a ischemia in the lower part of his body, that is, that his feet did not reach the blood necessary for his functioning.

Although his two feet were affected, the right one had the possibility of regaining mobility with physiotherapy, which is why Álvarez decided to accept the amputation. and, in his own words: “Not to be left with a non-functional foot, but to have the option of having a prosthesis that allows me to dance again”.

Daniela Álvarez talks about her foot injuries


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Daniella Álvarez tells how she is doing with the injuries that do not allow her to walk

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