Danilo Carrera talks about Michelle Renaud’s supposed new romance, “let them be super happy,” he says

Danilo Carrera shows that there are no resentments towards his ex-partner Michelle Renaud and surprises when questioned about the actress’s alleged new romance, making it clear that they were on good terms.

Pausing the recordings of his new telenovela, “Overcome the absence”, where he will again share credits with Ariadne Díaz and David Zepeda, with whom he worked on “La doble vida de Estela Carrillo, Daniel Carrera He attended an event where it was inevitable to be questioned about the press.

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With the sincerity that characterizes him, Danilo Carrera revealed that he was enjoying his single life a lot and more so with the trip he made with his brothers to Egypt, in addition to the fact that every month he traveled to his native Ecuador to be with his family and particularly his grandmother, who had overcome Covid-19 but with some consequences.

Among the questions, he highlighted the one that Danilo Carrera was questioned about the alleged new relationship that Michelle Renaud has started with fellow actor Osvaldo Benavides and like a true gentleman, he actor of “With you, yes” he pointed:

“… I have no relationship with her, if it is true that they are super happy, it is really what I want most for her”, clarifying that she would always wish her the best Michelle Renaud.

Already in previous interviews, Danilo Carrera had highlighted the great woman, mother and actress that is Michelle Renaudadding that he wished her the best, that she was a wonderful and incredible person and that she deserved the best.

Danilo Carrera clarified that in the future he would like to get married and have childrenso he did not stop believing in love but for now he was focused on his professional projects, not only in soap operas but in some businesses he had with his brothers.

Danilo Carrera, one of the new spoiled protagonists

With soap operas such as “Daughters of the moon”, “Wanting everything” and “With you, yes”, Daniel Carrera has confirmed his status as one of the new pampered protagonists alongside Brandon Peniche, Matías Novoa and José Ron.

His arrival at “Overcome the absence” has been well received by his followers and more for reuniting him with such beloved companions as David Zepeda and Ariadne Diaz. For now, the actor enjoys this great professional stage and appreciates all the support received.

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Danilo Carrera talks about Michelle Renaud’s supposed new romance, “let them be super happy,” he says

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