Danna Paola’s striking tweet after whitewashing the romance of Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul

Danna Paola and Tini Stoessel were previously related, due to rumors of the Mexican singer’s romance with Sebastián Yatra

Tini Stoessel Y Rodrigo De Paul remain in the media spotlight since their romance was confirmed. At the end of April, the photos where they are seen holding hands and sharing their time with mutual friends came to light, and although neither of them broke the silence about their relationship, the collateral effects continue to appear. in the last hours some messages from Danna Paola caught the attention of Twitter users, who remembered that the Mexican singer faced rumors of romance with Sebastian Yatra repeatedly, just after the breakup of the Colombian artist with the former protagonist of Violetta.

“I’m going to write a song called La Roba Hombres”Danna wrote on the afternoon of May 1 on the birdie’s social network, where she has more than 6 million followers. Between the repercussions around the courtship of Tini and De Paul, His post did not go unnoticed. Simultaneously, conflicting positions grew due to the incompatibility in the dates of the separation of the player from the National Team with Camila Homsthe mother of his two children, and the incipient bond with Stoessel.

The composer born in Mexico City, added another tweet half an hour later: “Wow, that’s ugly about stealing men… I don’t need to steal from anyone…”, next to a music note emoji, indicating that it could be a snippet from one of the new songs you’re creating. Although she did not mention any recipient in particular, Internet users themselves highlighted the love past that related them for months. It should be remembered that in May 2020 the interpreter of Lie to Me confirmed his break with Yatra, and shortly after there were virtual gestures that ignited versions of romance between Danna and Sebastián.

The striking tweets of Danna Paola on the eve of knowing the courtship of Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul
The striking tweets of Danna Paola on the eve of knowing the courtship of Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul

In October of the same year that the singers announced the end of their courtship, the Mexican artist was invited to Tell me what you know (Telemundo) and denied that there was an incipient love with the Colombian. “I believe that the relationship between a boy and a girl must be normalized, they do not have to be dating by force,” he explained. And on that occasion he had expressed warm words for his colleagues: “I respect Tini, Karol G, Becky G, Lali a lotso let’s remove that a little bit… Let’s not favor the fight between women in the industry, on the contrary, there should be more between women to continue positioning ourselves on the charts”.

“I am super reserved with my personal relationships, it is something super private that remains for me, it is super valuable, and I am not dating Sebastián”, he clarified emphatically. Later, the rumors subsided and everyone continued with his musical career, until the romance between the soccer player and the Argentine singer was recently revealed. In fact, In the same way that a musical verse captured attention in Danna Paola’s profile, it also happened with Tini.

After suspending her multiple commitments due to the hospitalization of her father, Alejandro Stoessel, who was discharged at the end of March after spending almost a month in La Trinidad de Palermo for a stomach hemorrhage that required two surgeries, the interpreter resumed the work schedule, including the release of a new theme, triple t With my cat we went out of friction. We did not arrive before twelve. I know that we look bad. But deep down you know me….”, says Tini in the preview, wearing a fuchsia outfit, and the references to her courtship with De Paul did not take long to be noticed on social networks.


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Danna Paola’s striking tweet after whitewashing the romance of Tini Stoessel and Rodrigo De Paul

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