Death of Mr. Black’s son: video of the sad farewell that Yuranis León, the singer’s wife, gave him

Although it was not his mother, the woman came to consider him as one of her children | Photo: Instagram @yuranisleonmrblack

After the sad news that he delivered mr black last Saturday, announcing the death of his son Edwin Antequera Jr.There were several messages that family and friends sent to the champeta singer in the hard time he is going through.

His wife Yuranis Leonfor example, was quite affected and, through her social networks, expressed that she is quite sad about what happened, because Although she was not the young man’s mother, she came to consider him as one of her children..

In the same way, he took the opportunity to share several videos in which he is seen sharing with the first son that “the president of the genre” had, with whom he had a very good relationship.

“Son, today you take a piece of our hearts. The boy who always had a smile on his face, full of dreams, struggle, hope, love and joy, left us. It’s amazing how, in a matter of seconds, life robs you of such a valuable being. Guide us from up there to be strong and support your dad, give him the strength so he can continue. Thank you for always giving us the best of you, ”said the also artist.

In addition, in his Instagram stories, he made other messages public with which he reiterated that his family needs “a lot of strength to continue”, because the absence and the void left by Edwin Antequera Jr. is “very big”.

Message from Yuranis León, after the death of his stepson

Another of the pronouncements that generated a lot of feeling among the followers of Mr. Black was that of Andrea Valdiriwho chose him a few weeks ago as the singer in charge of entertaining his marriage with Felipe Sarumaa fact that demonstrates the closeness between the two.

“Whoever has seen the miracle of life in their home knows how valuable and difficult it is to be an example for them. We are better people because of them, they teach us with their innocence the true value of life, their eyes our hope, their smiles our melody, only those who truly know how difficult it is to stop seeing them from one day to the next in our lives”, he commented. .

In addition, ‘La Valdiri’ highlighted the work as a father that the Cartagena musician has done, even though it is a facet that his millions of followers have seen little of.

“For you, my friend, who has bravely supported your great family, you have shown without saying a single word that you are an exemplary father and that you carry by your side a woman who has managed to be your cane. Today I can only tell you that strength is only in God and that family is the miracle that life gives us to go through such difficult times, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, Mr. Black recently published a preview of the song he composed for his deceased sonin which he thanks her for the shared time, “although it was very short”, and exposes all the pain he feels at this moment.

This is the lyrics of the composition:

“I wish this was a dream and I was still asleep,

that this pain that I’m feeling when I wake up is gone.

I would like to return the time to be with you

and I wanted to spend this moment to tell you that

I feel that time has fallen short and that hurts me,

That I didn’t get to give you everything you deserve.

Life has taught me that when you really love each other,

it is not demonstrated in the future but in the present.

Life, give me back what I love most

Why did you take my angel to heaven? Give it back, I’m suffering”


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Death of Mr. Black’s son: video of the sad farewell that Yuranis León, the singer’s wife, gave him

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