Denied “La Chule” by his own children? This they claim

Aracely ArambulaIt has proven to be a model mother to Michael and Daniel Gallego Arambula, who in the opinion now make a number of claims to his famous mother.

As it transpired long ago, the children of the Mexican actress, Aracely Arambulathey would have inherited the artistic talent of their two talented parents.

After for years, Aracely Arambulahas tried to keep her children’s lives in a more private environment, the news circulated that the boys were beginning to feel more concerned about all the work that their mother does.

And even her own”chihuahuense” He came to anticipate in past interviews that his children could follow in his footsteps in the entertainment world.

But now the guys seem to have changed his mind abruptly so would have claimed the actress remembered “dreamers“, for her statements, she commented before the cameras:

They saw it on TV and (they complained) ‘Mom, why did you say that?’ .

Given this, the children of Luis Miguel would have responded to their mother apparently with a resounding no!

The truth is that’s why I started to say whether they act like Daniel and Miguel: ‘No, no, no. We do not want to do anything like that. Then I have to respect that. Right now are in a very adolescent stage, he said.

Moreover, the famous actress who starred in some of his latest hits on the small screen as “La Patrona” (2013) and “the lady” (2016-2020) for Telemundo, he surprised when he spoke about Michelle Salas, the older half-sister of his offspring.

Already teenagers, Miguel, 15, and Daniel, 14 years maintain communication with very frequent “sister”, also shared “the chule“, for whom the value of the family has a primary meaning.

El “Rostro del Heraldo” from (1996), who recently announced his return to soap operas in “The stepmother“, reiterated the excellent relationship that exists between her, her children and the eldest daughter of “Sol de México”, with whom she assured there is great affection and there is a very close relationship:

My queen, I want to see her, said Arámbula Jaques to her stepdaughter at some point.

In addition, the also “Mexican singer“, born on March 6, 1975, pointed out how much she likes to hear from the “model” the affection she feels towards her children, “family is the main thing”, underlines “Luis Miguel’s ex”, who She reiterated that her children also look for her and communicate frequently.

They also write to her and love her; Hopefully they coincide because she no longer lives here, she mentioned. They write and everything. My children count on her, she with them and with me too, she stressed.

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Denied “La Chule” by his own children? This they claim

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